Time: 12:30pm - 4:30pm

Investment: $90  ($70/$20 Materials) Registration Closed

Class Limited to 10 participants

Advance Registration Required 

$70 Prepaid Online

$20 Material Fee Due at class (Cash Only)

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     Learn how to construct this beautiful and romantic Mala of Love Eternal.

You will create a powerful 108-bead Mala from AAA Rose Quartz and faceted

Quartz Crystal gemstones and learn how to chant two beautiful mantras that

will help set your mindful intentions to activate your stones.


     You will be guided and given  step-by-step instructions on how to create

your Mala, which include the following materials: 8mm Round Rose Quartz

gemstones from Brazil; 15mm Tear Drop Rose Quartz gemstones from

Sri Lanka; 8mm faceted Quartz Crystal Gemstones from USA;

one (1) handmade Mother-of-Pearl Mandala from Japan; 6mm  

silver tone flower bead caps; 10mm antique silver tone bead caps;

6mm rondelle blue/purple metallic Czech glass beads;

silver tone wire protectors; Beadalon nylon coated steel beading wire;

Japanese purple/blue metallic seed beads; one (1) Pink silver foil lamp

work glass heart pendant; 6mm faceted Swarovski blue vitrail tear-drop crystals;

8mm Swarovski blue vitrail bicone crystals;10mm faceted Swarovski blue vitrail rondelle crystals; 4mm faceted Swarovski blue metallic bicone crystals; one (1) silver tone Butterfly Toggle Clasp; one (1) silver tone oval jump ring; one (1)  3” light pink silky tassel and a silver tone filigree heart charm.


     Also included is a booklet that will contain information about mankind’s “gemstone” connection, the metaphysical properties of the gemstones used in the Mala workshop, along with the history of the Mala and exercises on how to use them in your mindful practice.


     This creative workshop will begin and end learning and singing two powerful Mantra chants that will help charge your Love Eternal Mala and inspire your spirit as you continue your journey throughout this new decade and the many years to come!  


     The Creative Mala Workshop will be taught by Stephanie Watt, owner of Coyote Moon Mystical Jewelry Designs. She is the jewelry designer/creator for renowned jazz artist, T.K. Blue and her design creations have been exhibited and sold at Stars Above, The Tilles Fringe Festival, Connetquot Library, Vicari Hot Yoga The Long Island Healing Arts and Learning Center and at the Rubin Museum in New York City. 




  • Gemstones and a variety of Mala making jewelry supplies;

  • Step by Step instructions on how to create the

  • All necessary tools will be provided for making your Mala;

  • A packet that contains information about: the “gemstone” connection with mankind, the history of the Mala and how to use them in your practice, along with the metaphysical properties of the gemstones used;

  • Two Mantras will be taught to help set your personal intention and to help charge your gemstones. One mantra will be taught at the beginning of the workshop and the second mantra will be taught at the end of the workshop.


  • Beadathon Nylon coated steel beading wire;

  • Ninety-eight (98) 8mm AAA Rose Quartz Gemstones from Brazil;

  • Four (4) 15mm AAA Rose Quartz teardrop Gemstones from Sri Lanka;

  • Six (6) 8mm faceted Quartz Crystal Gemstones from USA;

  • One (1) Handmade Mother-of-Pearl Mandala from Japan;

  • One (1) 3-inch light pink silky tassel;

  • One hundred and twenty-two (122) purple/blue metallic Japanese seed beads;

  • Ten (10) 6mm silver tone flower bead caps;

  • Four (4) 10mm antique silver tone bead caps;

  • Eight (8) 6mm blue/purple metallic rondelle Czech glass beads;

  • Two (2) 10mm rondelle blue-vitrail Swarovski crystals;

  • Five (5) 8mm blue-vitrail bicone Swarovski crystals;

  • Four (4) 6mm blue-vitrail faceted teardrop Swarovski crystals;

  • Two (2) 4mm blue/purple metallic bicone Swarovski crystals;

  • Two (2) silver tone wire protectors;

  • One (1) Pink-silver foil lamp work glass heart pendant;

  • One (1) silver tone filigree heart charm;

  • One (1) silver tone butterfly toggle clasp;

  • One (1) silver tone oval jump ring;

  • Four (4) silver tone crimp beads;

  • Four (4) silver tone crimp covers.

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