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About the Owners:
Theresa Sarin & Laura Maglio

teri and laura website photo 2019_edited

Theresa Sarin and Laura Maglio came into this world as Peacemakers,
in the shadows of the "Love Generation" and the Peace Movement of the
1960's. They have similar ethnic backgrounds and cultural upbringing in
Italian Catholic families on Long Island, NY. Interestingly, each met their
husbands in the mid 70's, got married the same year and began their
families about the same time also.

Twenty years later their paths would cross and they would make a connection as teacher/student and then friends. Theresa and Laura began a Reiki practice together, first giving Reiki sessions together, and then co-teaching Reiki classes and having Reiki Circles in their homes for many years.

In 2012, they decided to truly live their vision of having a Holistic Health Care Center where they would not only offer Reiki in a more professional setting, but would offer other alternative healing therapies as well.  Guided by Spirit and their intention to bring awareness of Reiki and other modalities to the public, they "found" a building in 2012. 
There they established the LONG ISLAND HEALING ARTS & LEARNING CENTER, a Vision of Embrace Light, Ltd.

The Center's Mission is to provide Reiki, other healing modalities and classes for the purpose of helping others to spiritually awaken, expand their consciousness and provide support for their personal or spiritual growth.

"I AM the Universe and the Universe is Me." ...Mikao Usui
This is the Goal of Reiki. By Being Reiki, we transmit life force energy to ourselves and to other, thus contributing more
love, peace, wisdom and Light.


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