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Reiki Creates deep relaxation which enhances the natural power

of the body to heal itself bringing peace

and balance to all levels of the body, mind and soul.

“Reiki is one of the leading safe Energy Medicine approaches.”

C. Norman Shealy, M.D. Ph.D. Founder, American Holistic Medical Association

“Reiki may ultimately be the most important alternative treatment of all” 

Dr. Mehment Oz



Reiki is both powerful and gentle and has aided healing many illnesses and injuries including cancer, heart disease, broken bones, headaches, colds, insomnia, fatigue, cuts and bruises.Clients are fully clothed as Reiki energy is given by the laying-on of hands, either directly on or off the body. A standard session includes positions around the head, shoulders, stomach and feet. The entire session may last about 50 minutes and is deeply relaxing and includes many beneficial affects for both client and practitioner.


Reiki Session with Two Reiki Masters
There are two Reiki Master Practitioners working on a client at the same time,

covering the entire body with the Reiki hand positions more quickly.
Treatments done in this fashion often create profound balancing effects

harmonizing the yin and yang sides of the body at the same time.
Having a pair of Reiki Practitioners allows us to use a "mirroring" technique as

we give Reiki across from each other. For example; shoulders, arms, legs, knees,

feet, etc receive Reiki simultaneously which allows balance to occur more naturally.


Crystals are used to balance the body's energy system. They amplify, transform

and transmit energy, thus using crystals intensifies Reiki energy and enhances the

level of healing.

Here are examples of some crystal layouts and there effects:

Inner Peace Layout:  This session uses rose quartz, the peace stone, on the

seven major chakras. This layout creates a blanket of peace and love that surrounds the client.

Those suffering from emotional pain, trauma or deep anxiety will benefit from this crystal session.

Balancing Feminine Energy Layout: This session uses moonstones  and herkimer diamonds which are placed over the sacral chakra, the center where the ovaries and uterus are found. The stones soothe these female organs which allows them to function efficiently. Those suffering from menstrual pains, irregular menstruations and menopause symptoms will benefit from this layout.

Angelic Connection Layout: The ethereal qualities of angelite, celestite and amethyst around the upper chakras promote opening to inspiration and  intuition to the angelic realms. Those who want to connect to their angels, guides and higher wisdom will benefit from this crystal layout.

Energizing Layout: Clear quartz strengthens all the energy systems of the body. These magnificent stones are placed around the body and on the solar plexus, the power center. Those who want to recharge or energize themselves with vitality and harmony will benefit from this crystal session.

Reiki and Young Living Raindrop Essential Oil Session
This Heavenly Healing Technique provides Optimum Health and Well-Being along

with the Beautiful Healing Energy of Reiki.
The Raindrop Technique provides a deeply healing, relaxing experience enabling one to find inner peace bringing the body into physical, emotional and spiritual harmony where healing can occur.

It is a spiritually based application technique approach designed to strengthen the spiritual connection of the body-mind to the infinite source of all that is good and true and kind and loving.

Nine pure essential oils are used as *raindrops* from six inches above the surface of the back.

The Young Living Essential Oils are then gently feathered onto the spine with the Lakota "feathering motion" as they are used as blessed gifts to support our frequency, our desire to live in a peaceful state of mind, where our thoughts are positive, as we seek solutions rather than being stopped by obstacles.

We believe that essential oils support our lives and that a holistic lifestyle promotes wellness for us, and the planet. As we develop our intuition, we can assist everyone to trust themselves to use essential oils that bring about their reconnection to all that truly matters.

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