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Most of us now have the one thing we wished we had more of: time!

You know the old adage “Be careful what you wish for!” 

Who knew that our government and the CDC would call its citizens to self isolate, not report to work and stay home?

This letter is not going to repeat what has been written by all experts about  the steps we need to take to keep ourselves

healthy and how not to spread the virus. Instead this letter will offer our clientele; Reiki Practitioners, Angel Card Readers, Intuitives, Crystal Energy Practitioners, Young Living Wellness Advocates, Peacemakers, Lightweavers, and anyone on the spiritual path

seeking to become more enlightened. We are believers in energy vibration and so this letter will offer

suggestions on how to keep our vibration high.  It is written on a positive note and from the perspective of Light.

Schools, churches, restaurants, most businesses are closed.  These are interesting times for sure.

There’s that word again: “time”.  So now that we have numerous hours per day available to us, we have an opportunity

to use them to help us stay strong in spirit. We have an opportunity to grow on a spiritual and personal level.

We truly hope that you find the following suggestions helpful and that you are willing to

explore the importance of "Using This Gift of Time" to deepen your connection.

Here are some simple ideas:

1. BEGIN YOUR DAY Opening to Spirit.

OPEN TO RECEIVE Heavenly Blessings and the Grace you need to be Present. This is where the Peace is.

No thoughts of future or past. Just stay in the Here and Now.

Open your Heart and Mind and pray:


I open my heart, mind and soul to your Love and Light.

(pause and receive…. Maybe chant an internal or external “Ah” or “Om”

Thank you for Blessing this day for All.

Thank you for Blessing ME so that I may be a Blessing to All this day as I express

myself in the Highest of ways in all I do, say, think and act.

“Thank you Angels for your Presence in my Llfe.

It feels so good to know you are with me”. (last lines by Kyle Gray)


2. Use Young Living Essential Oils to Keep you Calm.

Put a small drop in the center of your palm. Rub them together and cup your hands over your mouth as you breathe. It takes 20 seconds for these therapeutic oils to reach the limbic system, the seat of the emotional brain. Let the brain reset and find its balance. Then apply a drop or two of the essential oil to the sides of your neck. In this way you can keep breathing the calming effect of the oil.

Since we are Young Living Leaders on Long Island and have used life changing YL oils and products for fifteen years, we only recommend the Best, Purest and Most Organic essential oils on the planet.

Some Young Living oils are: Lavender, Frankincense, Copaiba, Peace and Calming, Tranquil, Stress Away and even Orange or Bergamot (very uplifting but careful not to go into direct sunlight as they can cause a burn).

Also, take a relaxing Lavender Bath. Add 4-5 drops of YL Lavender essential oil to some sea salt,

Epsom salt or a shower gel and let the stress melt away.

DIFFUSE YL Thieves oil (a blend of antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral Clove, Cinnamon, Lemon, Rosemary and

Eucalyptus essential oils.) Make a spray bottle of Thieves and spray the furniture, clothing and electronics with it.

Use Thieves Cleaner on kitchen, bathroom and metal surfaces. No harmful chemicals or GMOs.


Take deep breaths to the count of 4-5 and hold a brief moment and exhale for 4 or 5.

If you touch your heart center at the same time, and go into GASSHO ,(prayer hands at the heart)

you will automatically reset.

Gassho alone is a simple centering hand-mudra meditation. It connects the energetic left side of your body with the right side.

When your thumbs touch your heart chakra, and you breathe consciously, your body resets itself.

Adding a mantra like: Here Now or Be Still, or Re..Lax, Shan…ti, will allow the body to find the stillness it needs.

For our Reiki Practitioners, this is also an excellent time to recite or chant the Reiki Precepts. Take some time to reflect on them. Remember they are the true foundation of Reiki. The Precepts are the way to find peace within, so we can then bring that peace

to our homes, friends, and coworkers and to all we meet. Peace within/Peace without


Let Go of Worry

Let Go of Anger

Be Honest in Your Work

Be Kind to Yourself and Others,

Be True to Yourself and your Way



This is the Holy, Sacred Healing Violet Ray given by our Creator to Purify, Transform and Transmute

any lower thoughts and lower energies that may affect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Become Centered.

Pray: “ I invite in the Violet Flame of Purity to clear, purify, transmute and transform me now so that

I may stand as my I AM PRESENCE, ONE with God and the ALL THAT IS.”

Visualize, imagine or sense yourself surrounded from head to toes in a beautiful bubble of

Violet Light Essence: a magnificent Holy and Sacred Divine Ray sent from God to immediately return you

to a state of balance and harmony.

This Sacred Violet Flame can be invited in to assist anyone in your home, family, work, humanity and the planet. 

If your Calling is to be of World Service, join with your Soul Family and affirm,

“I am a Keeper of the Violet Flame. I ask for my highest good, the most beneficial outcome

for all humanity, the Earth and all Creation.”

By doing so, you align your will with Divine Will.


5. Go Outside,

get fresh air and feel the warmth of the sun on your face. Have a picnic in your own yard or

go for a walk and get inspiration from the beauty of nature. Bring along a good book, a Journal to express your

inner author, Oracle Cards to receive heavenly messages or a sketch book to lift your spirits and let your creativity flow. 

You can Journal to connect with your Guardian Angel or Spiritual Guide to receive messages that will bring you deeper understanding and guidance. The act of writing also provides an outlet to safely express any suppressed thought or emotion.

Write a Poem! 

There are no rules when it comes to writing poetry. 

They don’t even have to rhyme or follow capitalization or punctuation rules.

A traditional Japanese haiku is a three-line poem with seventeen syllables, written in a 5/7/5 syllable count.

Often focusing on images from nature, haiku emphasizes simplicity, intensity, and directness of expression. 


Two examples:


One-legged Beings

Majestic Providers.Stand 

to Bring Strength and Grace


Our hearts are open

Eternal, pure with grace light

Embrace us with love

6. Give Yourself a Reiki, a Crystal, or Essential Oil Session

If you are a Practitioner in these healing arts therapies, then take the opportunity to self treat and allow the Ki,

life force energy, of the crystals or essential oils to balance your body, mind and spirit.

Add some beautiful music or Chanting for Sound Healing to harmonize you to an even higher note.

*CHANT the OM, AH, the Reiki Symbol Mantras ,( or just the vowels) for a full 5 minutes for each symbol.

Or hum them. Feel them vibrate each cell of your body, activating their energy. Chanting the Mantras will bring in the

Power and Focus of Symbol 1 into your being, the Harmony of Symbol 2, the Unity of Symbol 3 and the Oneness

of the Great Bright Light of Symbol 4. This is a powerful and harmonizing Reiki Session that will recharge,

brighten and lighten each and every cell out into your aura.


The Spring Equinox is upon us and a powerful time to give your crystals a super planetary clearing and charging.

Put them outside or on a window ledge where they can receive the sun and moon energies.

Don’t forget your Crystal Skulls!

Play some music or chant with them as well. Their cleared and amped energy will greatly radiate out to keep

your home, family, friends at their greater frequency as well.

Finally, create a Crystal Grid with the intention of the health of our world family.

Use your intuition andcrystals at hand to make a grid for the strengthening of our immune system.

Find a quartz Center Cluster or use a Sphere, Pyramid or Heart of any stone.

Use at least 4 clear quartz points to represent the four major directions: North, South, East and West.

Add any other stones in any pattern you wish to complete the Grid. Clear and program them to

continue to send their healing energy to our world and planet.

We continue to hold Space and Light for you wherever you are in whatever way we can...and so it is.

In Love and Light,

Teri and Laura


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