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Lisa Klein Groundahl, OTR, CST, LMT is a licensed

Occupational Therapist, Massage Therapist and

Certified Craniosacral Therapist. Drawing from

her background in Craniosacral Therapy,

manual therapy and healing.

Lisa connects with each person's body using a

gentle approach that deeply releases tensions

in the body and the nervous system. Facilitation

of the body's self corrective healing mechanism

occurs with each person's inner wisdom leading

the way in their process of healing.

In a non invasive, supportive way

held tension patterns are released which may be

physically or emotionally based. Lisa works with

children as well as adults with issues including,

chronic pain, lack of focus, headaches, anxiety,

post traumatic stress.

1hour and 15 minute session - $100






What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral therapy, although a complicated sounding name, is a gentle and powerful form of bodywork and healing. It is a hands on treatment that facilitates the body’s self corrective healing mechanism. It is highly effective, and getting more and more recognition for it’s benefits to many health problems from minor discomfort and imbalances to significant chronic pain and post traumatic stress. It is the treatment of choice for people who are physically and/or emotionally sensitive due to past hardship, trauma or illness, as well as during pregnancy. During treatment, the practitioner listens with their hands to the tissues, and the subtle rhythms in the body. Restrictions and imbalances in the fascia are detected. From there they are released to regain vitality, mobility. balance, and health. This occurs non invasively with techniques including soft tissue and myofascial release, energy, and sometimes dialogue. This is not a form of mechanical manipulation where a technique is done to the person receiving it. Instead, the person and their tissues, fascia and nervous system direct the pace of the process, as the inner wisdom of the body directs the process for healing. The work is considered subtle or gentle but goes quite deep . It is nurturing to the fascia, musculature, and underlying structures. Relief and healing occurs naturally as the body finds stillness to reorganize and reset.
Craniosacral therapy (CST) may also facilitate the release of emotions. This does not always occur, but when it does, can profoundly accelerate the healing process. Emotional release is client initiated and directed, and occurs when the inner wisdom of the body is ready to release these imbalances for optimal healing. Often held emotions become stored in the body, dragging down the performance of the body and it’s systems. With release of physical or emotional restrictions, comes balance, calmness, vitality and peace. People are reporting pain relief after trying many other traditional methods. They additionally express improved health, focus, well being, and confidence.
Craniosacral therapy is beneficial for all ages.





Lisa Grondahl, OTR, CST, LMT, Holistic Occupational Therapist


Craniosacral Therapy involves releasing restrictions in the fascia and connective tissues of the body, which may be contributing to symptoms such as pain. It also releases stress held in the body, such as emotional held tension and anxiety.  Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a big word and can be misleading. It can sound chiropractic or specific to techniques to treat the cranium and the sacrum. CST is so much more. Craniosacral therapy sets up the body’s self-corrective healing mechanism. It improves not only physical symptoms such as pain, but also affects the nervous system improving focus, balance and harmony within.


Held emotional issues can wreak havoc over time in the system. There can be exhaustion, lack of focus, short temperedness, overwhelm. As the body comes to peace and the voice has the opportunity to express and be witnessed, healing often results beyond expectation.


The inner wisdom is an important aspect of listening to and knowing what is best for how the body feels, regardless of the shoulds and what others say is best. Craniosacral therapists rely on listening to the body’s wisdom to facilitate relief to the tissues and the tensions. There is a conversation between the practitioner’s hands and the area of the body they are connected with as they blend and meld with the fascia.  Healing occurs in stillness as the body reorganizes.  In stillness we release, settle, and heal. There is a re-connection to the self, expanding the possibilities in many ways. Clients also learn to listen and feel connected with their body and what it needs. They learn to be a part of their own healing process, including connecting with intention, imagery and breathing.


Craniosacral therapy is wonderful for people who are sensitive.  The tissues are nurtured and supported, which provides a safe space for them to let go.  As restrictions are released, fluids flow better, circulation to the area improves, there is more freedom of movement.  It is also settling and relaxing to the whole nervous system.  Every day demands are handled easier.

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Please note if a refund is requested it will be minus the paypal fee.
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