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Crystal Certification Course

at Long Island Healing Arts & Learning Center

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Registration Now Open

Contact us at 631.223.2781 /

Advance Course TBA

email: or Phone: 631.223.2781

This is an in-person class. Individual Levels not offered

In-Person Attendance required for Certification

Registration is for all 3 levels - Individual Levels not offered

CRYSTAL LEVEL I:  Registration Now Open Saturday, October 19th  1pm - 4:30pm

In this introduction 

to the magnificent Crystal Kingdom and the energy 

frequencies they hold. Discover the Parts

of a Crystal along with different Types of Crystals and 

their uses. Learn how to Clear and Program Crystals & Stones. 

Each participant will receive a set of seven chakra stones 

and experience a Chakra Brightening Session 

to bring balance and joy.

This class may run a bit later 


CRYSTAL LEVEL II: Saturday, October 26th  - 1pm -3:30pm

Let’s further explore the Crystal Kingdom 

to learn how to bring their resplendent energy deeper 

into our lives. In this second study we will learn how to program 

and use a pendulum, and learn how to do a chakra clearing session using a pendulum  We’ll discover how to use Crystals for Divination as each participant will receive an Oracle Bag and directions on giving crystal 

messages. We will also learn to make Crystal Elixirs for overall energy and wellness.

Participants will also learn how to Create Crystal Grids to bring Abundance, 

Angelic Communication, and Health & Harmony.  



CRYSTAL LEVEL III: Saturday, November 9th  1pm -3:30pm

In this advanced class we will learn how to give a Crystal Layout to bring balance and higher vibration using specific stones and their placement on the body. Working in pairs each will receive a Goddess Sacral Moon Layout; Heartfelt Empowerment Layout.

We will also discuss Crystal Skulls and their amazing wisdom and healing for ourselves 

and our planet.

Registration Now Open

INVESTMENT: Attend all 3 levels $222 Prepaid*

Retakes - Contact the Center

Attendance required for certification

Registration is for all 3 levels - Individual Levels not offered

Important to read the refund/credit policy  below for this course

PLEASE NOTE - Important Information 

*Due to LIMITED class size - Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds or credit.

If a class is missed documents for that class will be emailed to you.

Make up classes are offered if space allows additional fee or $75 a class


Certification Upon Completion of All 3 Levels- In person

Certification provides independent verification of a certain level of expertise in a particular area.

Basically, it means you have completed the steps required to receive a particular designation.

Certification is conferred when you prove that you have obtained the specified abilities and knowledge.

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