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Spiritual Awareness and Intuitive Development Classes

Dawn Marie offers her students/clients reliable techniques to connect directly

to their higher consciousness and spirit guides on their own. Through her brilliant

ability to guide her class directly into ‘the zone’ of automatic writing, each member

will experience an in-depth reading from their own spirit guides, getting insight to

any questions they have. Participants will get all the benefit of a one-on-one

reading with a gifted intuitive,but with the lasting benefit of knowing how to

tap into their guides whenever they wish.

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What is “Automatic Writing with Angel Eyes Dawn Marie

Automatic Writing is defined as the process, or product of, writing material

that does not come from the conscious thoughts of the writer. The writer’s

hand forms the message, and the person is unaware of what will be written.

It is sometimes done in a “trance state.” Other times, the writer is aware of

their surroundings, but does not control the flow of the words produced by

their hand. This form of writing is more common that the “trance-state” form,

and is similar to taking dictation. The writer is relaxed, does not determine the

content of the writing, and writes only what they hear—exactly as they hear it.

Automatic Writing—more commonly called “Automatic Dictation—is a tool

used in Freudian psychology, and in related “self knowledge” studies, where it is seen as as means of gaining insight into the mind of the writer through their subconscious word choices. It was primarily used by Pierre Janet in France, and later by Morton Prince and Anita Muhl, in the United States.

Sometimes referred to as “free writing” by poets and writers, it is used as a means of stimulating creative thought, and as a technique of overcoming writer’s block. (Example: Sontonio Scrimizzi)

For an example of Automatic Writing, please see “My Angel Wings.”

Automatic Writing Workshop Certification Course & Mentorship Program, Levels I—VII

Communicating With the Other Side

This is your opportunity to learn from this sought-after spiritual teacher with over 15 years of experience awakening clients and students to their innate intuitive gifts. Dawn’s course will give you an instant connection with Spirit that will allow you to communicate with the Other Side using Automatic Writing. You will develop and expand your intuitive abilities and receive healing, empowering messages for yourself and others.

Automatic Writing can be the most accessible way for any person to become their own conduit to that which guides them. Automatic Writing can provide a pathway to communicate with the other side along with connecting with past lives.  With cultivation of this technique, you can access guidance whenever you wish.

In this seven-level course you will:

  • Invite a Spirit Guide through Meditation and Writing

  • Explore the steps to communicating with the Other Side through Automatic Writing

  • Start incorporating Automatic Writing in your everyday life

  • Learn how to do an Automatic Writing for yourself and others

  • Learn Breathwork—Pranayama Breathing Technique: Alternating Nostrils

  • Conduct Past Life Writings for yourself and others

  • Be led through a Meditation for discovering Your Life Purpose

  • Connect with Mother Earth, Lady Gaia, through Meditation and Writing

  • Explore origin of Fairies and how to connect with them

  • Gain the confidence to get your writings out there

Mentorship Program
As part of Dawn’s Mentorship Program you will be given access to private student groups for sharing, asking questions, practice and community. You will also have access to Dawn during the entire length of the program as needed. (All messages will be responded to within 24-48 hours.)

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Dawn Marie puts her passion and love into all that she touches. Dawn Marie’s Automatic Writing class was amazing and inspiring to say the least. Dawn Marie urges you to tap into all that is and your deepest potential. The meditations are like peeling the layers of an onion… deeper and deeper each time with new insight each time. Just being around Dawn Marie is euphoric!

Marilyn P.

Advanced Mediumship Development Workshop

Certification Course Levels VIII–XIV

In this Advanced 7 Level Course you will be learning

additional information, tools and techniques for you to go

deeper to enhance and strengthen your Mediumship Readings.

We will explore Past Life & Trans-Mediumship Readings to

get a profound healing and get a deeper connection

with our dearly departed.

We will continue to receive and practice the

Channeled teachings of Alice Bailey & Archangel Azrael to

assist you on this journey!!!


There will be Handouts, Meditations and Home­work.

Practice, Practice, Practice.


Let’s go deeper, trust and have confidence in your readings!!


Online through ZOOM

All in-person classes held exclusively at:
Long Island Healing Arts & Learning Center
868 West Jericho Turnpike
West Hills (Huntington), NY 11843

More Testimonials

“Through a series of meditations, each time going deeper,

Dawn brought us to a state where our writing was just flowing right

hrough our hand. I know that these writings were in conjunction with

a higher source. I thoroughly enjoyed Dawn Marie’s Automatic

Writing class.”
– Linda A.

“Dawn facilitated our ability to connect with our own inner truth through guided writing assignments.”
– Linda R.

“I was not sure what to expect from This automatic writing class. I consider myself a spiritual realist. I buy into the woo-woo but I also have some resistance to it. Saying that, I went into this class with an opened mind and the willingness to build on my beliefs and to spark something within myself. I’m grateful to say that this is exactly what happened. Regardless of your beliefs this class can be healing and beneficial to all. Angel Eyes Dawn Marie is a wonderful instructor, she explains the concepts and how to breakthrough the pitfalls of the mind to truly embrace your inner truth and helps you to connect to your intuition. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn the skill of automatic writing. It has helped me to connect and heal myself with love and compassion. The experiences I’ve had during this class will stay with me forever.”
— Megan O.

“The Automatic Writing Course has helped me increase my meditation practice to an almost daily practice. I have been getting messages and I am learning to trust what I get which was a very big step for me. It has sparked a thought process for what I want my spiritual path to look like in the future. Thank you, Dawn, for a course that is filled with inspiration, love and fun!!”
– Jean B.

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