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Available In-Person or Distant

A Spiritual Blessing Connecting You to Your True Self

Re-attuning to the different levels of

Reiki is extremely effective in clearing,

cleansing and detoxing. Each time one attunes to the energetic levels of Reiki, blocks and stuck behaviors are released on much deeper levels resulting in a

boost of vibrational frequency.

Re-attuning is also exceptional for those who are

on their journey of self improvement,

self discovery and spiritual development.

Email us at

to make your synchronized appointment.

This session requires you to set aside a half hour to be

seated in your sacred space, as we remain in our

sacred space performing the energetic Reiki Attunement

to quicken and brighten your Inner Light of Spirit.

Once your appointment is confirmed and payment

is received you will be sent an email with

a meditation on the Reiki Precepts

(written and audio)

to prepare you for the attunement

The Attunement Fee is $75








In Japanese, Rei can be interpreted as Spirit 

and Ki as Life Force/Vital Energy. 

Thus Rei-Ki is Spirit Energy.

 Reiki exists everywhere and in everything. 


WE are Spiritual Energetic Beings. 

As Reiki Practitioners we honor the divinity

in each of us and recognize our connection

to each other as brothers and sisters,

in the Oneness of the Creator Mother/Father/Divine.  


During a Distant Reiki session,

we create a bridge of Light that connects

the Reiki energy from the Light within our hearts to the Light within the recipient's heart. Reiki travels this energetic Light-Bridge which fills and surrounds

the client's etheric body, mind and spirit in a

powerful and profound way.


To receive a Distant Reiki Session, email us

to make your synchronized appointment.

This Session requires you to set aside an hour

to be in your sacred space, preferably laying down,

as we remain in our sacred space performing this complete Reiki session.


Our "energetic" Reiki hands will be placed upon you similar to a typical  in- person  session , except the hand positions are over your "energetic" eyes, ears,  head, heart, arms, torso, legs, knees and feet. 


As usual, both Teri and Laura will be in the session together, as we all meet on the etheric plane in

the energy of beautiful light, love , purity and grace. 

Email us at

to make your appointment

  Distant Reiki Session 50/60 minutes/$90

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