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Hypnosis: FAQ

What is Hypnosis: Similar to daydreaming, hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness.
A person in hypnosis is in a deep state of relaxation which allows the subconscious mind to
be receptive to positive thoughts and suggestions. These thoughts and suggestions help make
life changes so that desired goals can be achieved.

What can be expected in a Hypnosis Session?

Clients will be asked to complete a “Client Intake Form” answering questions that will be necessary to personalize future hypnosis sessions. During this visit the reasons for hypnosis will be discussed along with desired goals will be set. Any other questions will be answered and discussed.  If time permits, the client will be guided through a self-hypnosis meditation that will relax and help with the first session.

On the first hypnosis session, previous issues and goals will be reviewed to determine if your situation remains the same. A program of positive suggestions, thoughts and imagery will then be prepared and discussed.

Soothing music will be played in the background as clients sit or lie in a comfortable position with eyes closed. Clients will then be guided though a complete body relaxation.  Once relaxed you will be brought into a state of deeper relaxation where you are safe and comfortable.  In this relaxed state, the suggestions, thoughts and imagery previously agreed upon will be made. At the end of the session, you will be brought back to a fully awakened state simply by hearing the counting of 1 to 5. A very Simple process, yet Life changing!

Finally, your experience will be discussed and any additional questions you may have will be answered. Self-hypnosis will be taught to support you between sessions.

How many sessions are recommended?

On the average, three to six sessions are recommended, although this may vary depending on the degree of the desired change. Powerful life changes can be made quickly if a client is committed to using the tools of hypnosis along with self-hypnosis on a daily basis.  Sometimes one or two hypnosis sessions is enough in reinforcing positive change, deep relaxation, focus  and feeling in control.  Our goal at Long Island Healing Arts is to help you reach your life change goal in the shortest time possible.

Embrace Change with HYPNOSIS

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