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Informed Consent/Hold Harmless Agreement for Treatments, Classes & Events.
I understand that Long Island Healing Arts & Learning Center  Sessions are complimentary healing modalities that in no way substitutes for medical interventions, body therapy, or psychotherapy.  
I also understand that the Healing Practitioner may make suggestions for self-care as well as appropriate referrals.  

I acknowledge that an open communication is promoted between me and my Healing Practitioner to enhance a mutual understanding and acceptance of the energy work provided during the treatment setting.

I further understand that there are numerous benefits possible through the sessions offered, such as diminished pain sensation, increased relaxation, relief from anxiety and enhanced sense of well-being.  These effects may vary depending on each individual’s response patterns.  Although there are no known harmful effects from this type of intervention, I hold my Healing Practitioner harmless from any possible effects that may cause temporary physical or emotional discomfort and agree to take full responsibility for my self-care and personal development. 
I am in control of my own body and I can always “stop” at any time.
Client Authorization & Signature
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