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Through the session the recipient could receive improvement in their chakras balance, emotional release, clear head, headaches, stress, anxiety, and

mental fatigue with relaxation.

 In the physical body they achieve great results in body aches, sciatica, carpal tunnel, sinus, back pain, shoulder and neck tension. 

This session is connecting with the four elements and the spiritual and animal wisdom asking for assisting healing. The shamanic drum will be play on your energy field, chakras and might be combined with shamanic rattles. This session is for the highest good recipient according to their soul wisdom.

Himalayan singing bowls and Gong sound waves and vibrations ripples can heal and balance our energy field. Each organ in the body resonates at a particular frequency, when one is sick, they are not resonating at their Prime Resonance Frequency. The Gong and Himalayan Singing Bowls emit sound waves and vibrations that can be directed at various parts of the body.

This is called Quantum Sound Therapy.


It is a deep energy healing technique that works with master crystals and energy healing codes.The Sirian beings are our teachers, very high vibration guides like Horus, Isis, Hator etc. They are called Doctors from Heaven and they come to help us Expand and Heal our soul that will Modify our lives, freeing ourselves from ties. traumas and karma that is available to be released.

This allows us to fulfill dreams and create the life we always wanted to have. It connects us with our heart, using the ancient wisdom of Sirius's energy  that vibrates in unconditional Love in order to connect with our heart.

It accelerates all processes, this is one of the benefits that people notice the most, that the process they are experiencing, after undergoing this technique is significantly accelerated.

It allows us to connect with our higher self in other dimensions, with this therapy we connect with our interdimensional self, who will guide us in our process.

Investment: $122

The sessions  take one hour between preparation, questions and the session. 

Sessions are made directly with the practitioner

Once payment is made the practitioner will contact

you by phone to set up an appointment.

May take up to 2 weeks to book

We do our best to accommodate as quickly as possible

Please note cancellations must be within 7 days of purchase minus the paypal fee









Once Payment is made
Please fill out this form completely 

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