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Today's State of Health

Is Out of Balance


Today's world is filled with health threats. Increased exposure to toxins, poor-quality, nutrient-deficient foods, high stress and and little exercise are all part of the modern lifestyle. The result is a rapidly growing number of health problems ranging from skyrocketing obesity and diabetes rates to previously unheard of conditions like fibromyalgia  and chronic fatigue disorder. In the end, our health is out of balance.

Embrace & Delight

Your Mind, Body & Spirit

at Long Island Healing Arts & Learning Center







This Heavenly Technique Provides Optimum Health

& Well-Being Along with Reiki

The Raindrop Technique provides a deep relaxing experience enabling one to find

inner peace bringing the body into physical, emotional and spiritual harmony.

It is a Spiritually based application technique approach designed to strengthen

the connection of the body-mind to the infinite source of all that is

good and true and kind and loving.

Nine pure essential oils are used as *raindrops* from about six inches above the

surface of the back. The Young Living Oils are then gently feathered onto the spine with

the Lakota "feathering motion" as they are used as blessed gifts to support our frequency,
our desire to live in a peaceful state of mind. where our thoughts are positive,

as we seek solutions rather than being stopped by obstacles.

We believe that essential oils support our lives and that a holistic lifestyle promotes wellness for us,

and the planet. As we develop our intuition, we can assist everyone to trust themselves to use

essential oils that bring about their reconnection to all that truly matters

Ideal for boosting the Soul and Spirit which make-up the Life Force

Enjoy the healing benefits of a Reiki /Raindrop session

$135 - 1 hour

Book a session today : 631.223.2781 or email:

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