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Cacao Ceremony

The cacao ceremony is an Ancient spiritual practice, originating from ancient Mesoamerican cultures. Cacao ceremonies have been used worldwide as a heart-opening rituals for emotional and spiritual healing.

Cacao is a medicine plant for the soul to connect with our intention, to open our heart, and open the capacity to receive. Cacao connect people with their heart, their inner purpose, their inner power, and their inner wisdom.
This ceremony is carried out from love and light  with the intention of connecting the group with the soul, heart and collective consciousness.  This ceremony offers a safe space for healing and personal growth, with the intention for what is needed to heal, to understand, to accept, to let it go, and to forgive.

The cacao ceremony may include a meditation, healing sounds like shamanic drum, mindful songs, and prayer guide.
“ Thank you Mother Earth for your presence, for your love and compassion, may you live within my heart, may you be infused into this cacao.”

"Thank you great-mother cacao for showing awakening gratitude in my heart, thank you to my heart for this space, this time, and this practice, thank you"
We close this ceremony with love and light, all is good.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The cacao ceremony can help reduce your stress and anxiety, promote a healthy emotional and mental state and most importantly, it awakens a general sense of
well-being in your life.
Registration Closed
Friday,  June 21st at 7pm
Investment: $60


Please note due to limited space refunds are not given unless cancellation is received via email 2 weeks prior to class date 

* Refunds will be minus the PayPal fee

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Please fill out this form completely 

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