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For those of you who know us, our spiritual journey was very much influenced by our first study with Light Body and Sanaya Roman. This magnificent woman channeled Orin, a loving, wise teacher and mentor to us. Today we share the sad news that Sanaya has left her earthy body and made her transition to Light. Though her human presence will be missed, her spirit, along with Orin, will only expand even greater blessing us, reaching and teaching us on a vaster field of Light.


As a contribution to Sanaya's life work, we would like to share her beautiful New Year's Meditation: Calling on the Spirit of Peace.

We hope you enjoy it. Listen anytime you can to begin the New Year with Orin's calling on the Divine Flame of Peace for yourself and humanity.

With Love and Gratitude to Sanaya,

Teri and Laura

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Spirit of Peace Meditation .png
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This is a wonderful journey to both clear energies that keep you from feeling peaceful, and to increase the peace you can experience by connecting with many higher beings and the divine flame of peace.  You can let go of tension and feel more peaceful.  This is a wonderful guided meditation to play for your friends, either individually or as a group. You may want to play it on New Year's as a way to send out peace in ever-widening circles, and assist humanity by calling upon

the Spirit of Peace to bring peace to all life on earth.

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