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For other dates/times of Reiki Circles please see the Calendar page


Dates and Times on Calendar Page

Cost: $20.00 Cash at door











All Are Welcome

Space is Limited to 8 Attendees

Due to Space Requirements - Reiki will be given in Chairs*

Please call/email to hold your space.

There is limited seating due to the new guidelines of social distancing. 

Precautions will be in place to keep everyone safe.


We begin our Circle by listening to a brief guided

visualization/ meditation to still the mind and body

to release any stresses of the day. In this relaxed state,

all present will receive a mini Reiki session

while seated in a chair.


This peace-filled evening will bring the embrace of balance

and calmness as lights are dimmed and soft music plays in

the background. Reiki’s gentle touch is a spiritual massage that

helps the mind,emotions and muscles to relax.

As the body and emotions relax,

the body can return to its own harmonious resonance

allowing health and happiness to awake.


Please RSVP if attending: Email:

call for more information 631-223-2781

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