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We are called as lightworkers, peacemakers and healers to use our tools at this time to help bring harmony
and peace to our earth and all its kingdoms. Our compassion, light and love are greatly needed now to bring healing
to all who are suffering and frightened.
Let us gather energetically to assist humanity and our earth.  
     Please continue to hold the Light..


Our Daily Intentions are Love, Freedom and Happiness for All People & Nations.
We are Deeply Committed to the Path of Light, Love & Peace for All - So It is!


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Center Store Closed Sunday - Tuesday

Please note hours are for store only

Wednesday,February 8th  12pm - 6pm

Thursday,  February 9th 2pm -8pm

Friday, February 10th 11am - 5pm

Saturday, February 11th 11am - 5pm

Links below to register for upcoming events

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"We see our healing & learning center,as  a positive gathering place of compassionate beings leading to advancement
of society for the highest good and benefit of all."
"We see happy, honest, and ever-advancing societies of compassionate beings, all looking out for
themselves and one another for the common good"
EmbraceLight, Ltd.
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