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w/ Rev. Carla Gitto 

In-Person Upstairs

at Long Island Healing Arts & Learning Center 

Begins Sunday, June 2nd 3pm

Class will be held every Sunday

Register Below

 For an 8 week Journey of Amazing Growth!


The Violet Flame is 

in short the greatest given to humanity by the Holy Spirit, Creator, Source, All that is 

What will this journey do for you? 

This is unequivocally a life changing journey of exponential Spiritual Growth and Personal Self Mastery. Traumas and drama will fall way, with greater grace and ease. 

You will develop a deep divine relationship with the Ascended Masters, and experience profound healing that transcends time and space thru out eternity.  


Simple Syllabus

Transmute, Transcend, 

Transform  &  Alchemize. 

  • Week 1 and 2 history, power of Transmutation, how to use the Violet Flame. 

  • Week 3 and 4 Transcendence. Connecting to the elementals and our personal body elemental. 

  • Week 5 and 6 Transformation. Chakras, Clearing Stuck Energy and more.

  • Week 7 and 8 Ceremony and Alchemy. 

Investment in exponential Growth. $888.00 Pre-payment Necessary 

Please note due to limited space refunds are not given unless cancellation is received 2 week prior's to February 3rd  * Refunds will be minus the PayPal fee 

Student are allowed to miss one class and recieve one  complimentary private make up session.

Two or more missed class will be 111.00 per miss class.

All missed classes will be held on zoom. 

We will meet every week at the center. 

*Note should there be a snow storm we will move to zoom.

I the facilitator will send zoom link.   

Thank you, for following the call to embark on a very special journey with Rev. Carla Gitto,  as your leader, facilator and guide. The only prerequisite is to attend  with an open heart and mind allowing yourself to be fully present, being committed to being an active particapant. Full attendance is required in order to attend ceremony. During each session there will be lecture, meditation, channeling, and healing. Know that St. Germaine, and the Ascended Masters will meet you where you are at on your journey. 

Rev. Carla Gitto Sends All Her Love and Crystalline Blessings,

516 997 5822 reach out anytime for any questions or support. 

What you will need. 

Special note book and pen.

Water, your favorite crystal 

For the last class “Ceremony” please wear white bring your special glass and crystal, with an additional glass bottle filled with water. 

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Pay by Venmo: 
Long Island Healing Arts & Learning Center @embracelight 
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