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Born and brought up in a traditional Indian family, my spiritual journey began pretty early. However, my professional journey began in 2017 when I went to Kerala, India for my Yoga teachers training course from Sivananda Yoga & Vedanta Center. I taught in Sivananda Yoga Center New-Delhi for four years. I had the privilege of taking many Vedanta workshops offered
at Sivananda Center Delhi during my serving years. I also took various workshops in Neuro Linguistic Programming which helped me understand Mind-Body mechanics in depth. I shifted to the U.S.A in 2020 and continued serving in Sivananda Center, New-York. Shifting to the U.S.A in the midst of covid was a huge pivoting point in my life. When the whole world was at a stand-still I had a calling to become a MEDITATION teacher. I honored my intuition and got certified as a Meditation with Chopra Center in 2021. Since then, I have taught many people how to manage stress using these miraculous practices of Breathing & Meditation.


With consistent self-effort, I was able to embrace all these teachings gracefully into my own life.

My work is a cumulative assemblage of what I have learnt on my own journey.

It is both my purpose(DHARMA) and passion to share these teachings with whoever wants to live in
harmony with their own core-essence, paving the path for a more peaceful, joyous, and
purposeful life. I truly believe, we already have what we are looking for in the outside world. All
we need to do is .......TURN WITHIN.









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