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by Theresa Sarin January 16, 2020

The Bible states: “I am the Lord thy God… You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself a graven image….to worship….”

For many people this means that there is no need to pray and ask the Angels or Spiritual Teachers/Guides to help answer prayers or with healing in any way. God alone should be addressed in prayer and the one who answers all prayers. Yes, God is the Creator of ALL and highest Source of Light and Love. Period. There’s no disputing this fact. However, when asked why we have Angels in our store, or why we pray to ask their assistance when we are doing Reiki or giving Readings, there is an explanation based on vibration. Ours!

We are humans with egos and most of us have limited thoughts and beliefs full or worry, fear, doubt, anger, resentment, guilt, etc. God, the Divine, has none of these of course. He/She is All Love. The reason we exist on this earth plane, living a human life, is to transform and transcend these limited beliefs and remember that we are children of God and as such we also are All LOVE.

The Course in Miracles says that we were created as “ holy thoughts of God”. This means that we were created from Love and are Love itself made manifest in human form here on this third dimensional earth. Many of us awakened to this Truth on the spiritual journey wish to climb and attain Ascension out of this third dimensional dense reality to the higher vibration of fourth and even fifth dimension in this life time.

We work on our spiritual growth having awareness and realizing our Oneness with our Creator, and returning to the Love that we Are, and have always been. This takes total and complete dedication to keep awakened to the love that we are and to express that love each and every moment. To Be Love in ALL we do, say, think and act in Every Single Second.

Not an easy task! Our human egos and minds are constantly activated by the chaos that surrounds us. We must learn to allow our Spiritual Minds to be Masters over our human minds which takes great discipline, dedication and desire.

We can achieve this enlightenment to some degree. Many of us who are Lightweavers and dedicated to Ascension are able to rise to the fourth dimension just by awakening to the understanding of Oneness, realizing our Spirit, True Self, began in God’s eternal unconditional loving heart .

It is written that Source Creator resides in the 13th Dimension and that the Angels were the very first thought of God, thus they are 12th dimensional Beings. The Angels are Pure God Light that have stayed connected to that Divine Light. They have never fallen out of that State of Grace and Oneness.

We need Angels and Masters to work with us because they are among the highest and closest dimension towards Oneness with Source. Until we reach a higher dimension then invoking the Angels is a way to bring their higher energy through us. We ask that their higher vibration of Light Love frequency assist us in our growth, path, and healing work.

The higher we ascend the higher the dimensions we reach and can bring through to use in the work we do, whether it’s Reiki, Card Readings, Mediumship, any energy work, any task or anything we do.

As a Reiki practitioner we are able to bring in that energy to fill the client’s body, mind and spirit on a higher level. This is the beginning of their healing as it assists to bring them greater, higher and finer healing energy. Clients feel that ethereal resonance and it resonates throughout their whole being. They vibrate higher, every organ within and without to their energy bodies (as within so without).

They awaken on some level and degree that they are open to receive. This is the beginning of healing and they take that with them as they leave the session. This bright spark can ignite their own awakening and very often it begins profound and life changing healing.

In addition, when the client is awakened and also invites the Angels, Masters/ Enlightened Ones to assist in the Reiki session, the combined energy raises the vibrational frequency of both the practitioner and the clients mind, body and spirit. Then we ascend together. Then Oneness happens and we both receive the embrace of total Love. One within the Divine Heart of the Universe. One with the All That Is….. Namaste’

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