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Updated: Jun 1, 2020

May 30, 2020

Written by Theresa Sarin

There’s so much to say, so much to process, so much to share; and it changes each day. Our State, our Island has had experiences like no other State and just about no other Country. The amount of death, fear, anxiety is devastating. It hurts your heart to take it all in. So we must remember to ….BREATHE. Just begin with Breathing. And bless each breath that you are alive to take into your body. Consciously allow each breath to soothe your lungs, your mind, your heart and your soul.

New York has been through worse on September 11, 2001. We remember that horrific day in our history and the days that followed and all the deaths and fear in its wake. And we pulled together, we supported one another, hearts opened with compassion and a new consciousness of Brotherly and Sisterly love emerged. For many New Yorkers that was the beginning of awakening.

That was almost twenty years ago. Perhaps we needed a refresher course to expand our consciousness once again in New York and the World. This horrendous Virus has given us the opportunity to be compassionate for every race, religion and human in the path of this deadly virus. We prayed for one another. We cried for one another. We sang and laughed together too.

That’s the opportunity and Blessing of Growth we are offered. Being an optimist (I am a Sagittarian…can’t help it!) I believe that everyone grew a little, and some grew a lot and some grew somewhere in between. We all are not the same person we were in March. There is no one who could be that good at Denial!

Many of you know that I had Covid19 in March. I had a mild case with a low fever, fatigue and loss of taste for two weeks. It was mild because of using Reiki, Young Living essential oils and crystals on myself each day as well as receiving Distant Reiki and prayers from so many friends, family and Center students during those days.

I felt as if I was in a Golden Slumber of Light! This beautiful golden healing ray kept me safe, calm and protected. The beauty is what I can only describe as a ”Field of Grace”,

a very holy mystical field of purity and love. This is the effect of the energy from Reiki, Essential Oils, Crystals and HEARTS that open to bring Compassion and Love.

I am so very thankful to all who shared their heart light with me. I am grateful to have had the experience of receiving this for my healing and for my understanding of how KI, Life Force Energy, works. Though it is hard to find words to explain; the one adjective that comes close is Resplendent!!

Also, at the same time I had the virus, my husband also had it , although he experienced the gastro intestinal version which was over in a few days. Laura and her husband Lou, were isolated and did not contact the virus, but Laura’s son, the police officer, did contact the virus the same time I did. Poor Laura was in prayer 24-7 for John, me, and some friends who had the virus too. April was a total month of Reiki Flowing, Rosary Praying and Light Sending for her! That’s what being an Open Channel becomes when you keep your vibration high. (Mille Grazie Laura)

I was also able to join in with Reiki and prayer for others, sharing that lovely healing ray; and we both have not stopped doing so during these months of isolation. This is our call to Serve. It is what we love. It is our Purpose.

As now as we are getting ready to open our Healing Center, we know that the way we give Reiki has to be different. We cannot get close, or touch with hands on since it is not recommended or responsible for our clients. Reiki Circles must stop and this saddens us since we have been hosting them for the last twenty years (For fifteen years they were in our homes).

Laura and I have wondered what our Reiki Practice would look like. Yes we can teach Reiki and our other classes, but receiving Reiki sessions is what our clients need on a daily basis. It brings them the Peace and Balance. So we meditate and wait for guidance on how to be compliant to virus safety regulations and to serve those who need Reiki’s healing touch. However, what we do know is that we will be needed as Healers, Lightweavers and Teachers. We Know we will find the way to Serve.

Suddenly this week Laura and I have each been called to be Spiritual Counselors to those who reached out with real life challenges; one whose mother just died, one whose grandmother was dying , one who is alone and is holding on by a thread to be with friends and family again, etc. We spent days and hours trying to bring them guidance, Hope and Light to meet those challenges.

Then early Friday morning, Laura is on line in the supermarket halfway between the cantaloupes and peaches when the man in front of her reaches an emotional point, eyes filled with tears he tells her that his nine year old son keeps asking him: “Dad will you die?”

The fear that this young boy has wondering if his dad will return home each night is extremely sad but the dad not really able to reassure his son that we won’t die is even sadder. This man obviously was on line at a synchronized time with Laura for a reason. As a healer and Lightworker, Laura instantly went into prayer, asking for the Grace of Council with words to say to this man. She immediately felt a beam of Light, Grace Light, surround them and was given words to bring him healing on the level he needed.

This incident was the answer we awaited.

We are called to be Grace: To Be Grace.

To Share Grace in our ways, our actions and our words.

We are to Heal with Words.

We are to be Clear and Open Channels of Grace: the mystical Light of Reiki that Blesses and Soothes and Heals the mind, heart and spirit.

It is time to bring about this aspect of the Reiki energy, the Divine Feminine Energy of Grace. There is no way to describe this resplendent energy except to experience its softness, caress and love that just blankets you with the most profound peace.

Grace is gentle, like a swan swimming on a still lake, barely moving just gliding effortlessly. Or a ballerina who twirls and dances , poised only on her toes to beautiful music. Or a mother who tenderly holds her newborn baby in her arms.

Moments of Grace. This is what we will be called to deliver to those who need comfort from the stress, anxiety, worry and frustration from this difficult time.

Our words must be tender, gentle, caring, kind and Full of Grace.

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