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Prayer Matters

Updated: Jan 1, 2021


December 2020 Blog written by Theresa Sarin 12/31/20

It’s been a long while for me to write another blog for a few reasons; one, I need to be inspired and there few fleeting moments in 2020, two; I have been deeply involved with my healing work at the Center that spare time to write is less available, and three; I have been observing the world and trying to make sense of it all like many of us have been doing. (My conclusion: Let it unfold and Trust that All is In Divine Order). However, the one thing that I have continued to do every day, is to pray.

Laura and I meet people each day who come into our wellness Center to receive sessions, crystals, essential oils and other items we offer. Many of them tell us their story and seek items that will help them to cope, heal and find hope during this pandemic.

Customers come in and share their challenges, struggles and pain and Laura and I listen and offer them the items that will help them feel uplifted and hopeful. We offer one other item that is important in their healing; and this is to tell them that we will keep them in our prayers. Our prayer list has grown so that we devote a good part of our morning meditation in prayer. Or we spend the whole meditation in prayer! We are happy to do so for we know that prayer matters. Prayer is powerful.

When we take that devoted time to pray, we communicate as our Soul, acknowledging that we are spiritual beings, using our spiritual voice to communicate with the Divine. We speak with our sacred voices on a Soul to Soul level with Spirit.

Prayerful holy words create a field of Grace around us to lift our consciousness to align with God consciousness. Prayer then becomes, what Carolyn Myss describes as; “Words that are vessels of Light”.

The prayers we speak become illuminated and raised as they enter this holy realm. As we enter into this sacred space, prayer becomes the bridge that connects us to Heaven’s Holy Temple of Prayer.

When we open our compassionate hearts and communicate our concerns or needs, or on the behalf of what another soul needs; heaven listens. We are using our God-given voice, our holy gift of speech, to communicate with the Divine for something to ease this earthy sojourn for ourselves or another. I imagine this makes our Creator smile and nod with approval that we understand the importance of prayer as a connection with God.

Think about this holy gift of communication that we are given. We first used it to communicate as infants to receive basic needs and wants. We communicated as children with friends to play and with life partners to communicate likes, dislikes and love. We communicate with colleagues in business, and with all those we encounter in our daily lives. Why not use this ability to communicate with our Creator? Prayer matters. It is a way to stay fully connected with the one who bestowed this sacred gift.

Praying is our opportunity to ask for what we need.

Pray for the miracle. It’s alright.

We are co-creators so yes if we would like a miracle:

Ask, pray, visualize, believe, trust and Allow it to Be.

Sometimes Miracles are not what you expect but the outcome is always for the greatest good. Have Faith in the Wisdom of each Soul and the Creator.

Recently one of our Reiki students texted me a photo of a young man who was in a horrific construction accident. The young man was a nephew of a good friend. Upon reading his name I realized that the 21 year old young man was a one of my former first graders!! I had a connection to him and was so sad to know of his terrible condition. Instantly I began to pray. His mother organized a prayer group asking for her son to have a miracle healing. We prayed with all our hearts for this young man to survive. At this time, his surgeon reports that the very intricate surgery went better than he expected.

Prayer matters.

During mass quarantine in the Spring, one of Laura and her husband’s good friend, had Covid and was in serious condition. He has leukemia and is in his eighties. It did not look good. She prayed. Her husband prayed. They prayed together each morning and night. We prayed with them. After many weeks, their friend recovered and was sent home. Prayer matters.

This year Laura and I have had some good friends whose husbands died. We now pray for their widows and family to receive the comfort and grace they need to continue on alone with their hearts full of grief. We pray for all those who suffer any loss, loneliness or illness. We pray for them all.

How do we pray? What do we say? The answer is that there is no expected or right way to pray. Just as we each communicate in different ways, pray the way that you wish. Some like the rosary, some like prepared prayers or recite Sanskrit mantras. It doesn’t matter what you say. Marianne Williamson’ s, ILLUMINATA, has some beautiful prayers for all occasions, as does Caroline Myss’ book; Intimate Conversations with the Divine, and even Doreen Virtue has books with prayers.

Prayer Matters.

Simple or elaborate. It’s your preference.

Intention is always what is most important.

Keep the language holy, keep it Light. Keep it polite.

I like simple.

You may wish to begin by saying:

Thank you God (Lord, Creator, Spirit, whichever resonates with you)

for bringing comfort to my friend….

for the healing miracle so Georgie can walk again….

for purifying each and every cell of her body…..

for the strength to be a caretaker….a nurse, doctor, police officer……

Here’s my daily prayer:

Thank You God

For Blessing this day for All.

Thank you for Blessing me so I may Be a Blessing to All this day.

Thank you for Blessing my Family: my husband, my children, their partners, my grandchildren and their homes.

Thank you for Blessing my Friends, especially _________________.

May All be Surrounded by your Love, Light, Grace and Goodness.

May All receive what they need this day according to Your Will.

May Peace Fill All Hearts in 2021

Thank you Father/Mother/Divine

I love you.


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