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THE GRACE OF LIGHT by Theresa Sarin

January 2010 Blog 2


One of my favorite words, topics and energies.

Since the 90’s, the understanding of “Light” has taken on new energetic meanings. It has become a spiritual word and consciousness for

‘Light” can mean Divine or Spirit or God.

In Reiki, Symbol 4 or the Master Symbol. is translated as Great Bright Light referring to Source Creator; the All That Is.

Light is an aspect of the Divine

that purifies

that embraces

that graces

that protects

that brings peace




I‘ve always resonated with the term Light, and adore the Sun. As soon as I awaken each morning, I walk into my sitting room window and greet the sunlight (which gratefully faces East).

I stand and allow the sun to embrace me.

I open fully to the newborn Light and pray:

Thank You Dear God for Blessing this Day for All

Thank you for Blessing me that I may be a blessing to all.

Thank you for blessing my family,

my friends

and All those who in need of a Blessing this day.

I then pray for those on my long list of people whom I know are ill or

suffering in any way.

I acknowledge this Sacred Light of Source and I ask that Divine Light

surround us all as we begin a new day.

In this sense I ask for the Light of Grace to Bless us all.

Then as I continue the day I keep my heartlight open and allow that inner Light

to radiate, staying connected to my I Am Presence.

I recently read a channeled message from The Council of Radiant Light

and they suggested that we invite them into whatever we are doing;

any job, activity or task in order to help expand our vaster energy with the Greater Oneness.

I remembered their invitation while giving Reiki to a very ill client.

In silent prayer, I invited them into the session to assist me in giving her Reiki.

Yes the surge was greater indeed and so was the love I felt from this Radiant group! I inwardly asked them how to radiate brighter.

The image I received was perfect! It goes like this:

Laura had just put up a new strip of radiant lights throughout the store to illuminate the crystals on the shelves. They are so bright that the store can be

on Broadway ! Laura then showed me a small button to lower the wattage and explained that we had other choices to use such as Bright and Brighter instead

of Brilliant. Laura asked which setting we preferred:

“Brilliant”, we both agreed!

This is the scene the Council showed me. They said Open your heart more

fully and adjust the radiance any way that I was comfortable.

So I checked my setting which was on Bright, and once again I chose Brilliant!

Check your setting

Is your heart open?

How much?

If you’re comfortable try to open your heart more fully

What wattage is your heart -light beaming?

Know that you can raise the Light

And if you wish

Shine Brighter


Be Brilliant

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Jamie Marchese
Jamie Marchese
22 Sep 2021

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