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By Theresa Sarin

Many Lightweavers close their emails, texts and voicemails with the popular words; “Love and Light”. These words are truly beautiful thoughts that express to others that we are coming from a place of awareness as we sign off to our friends and loved ones with heartfelt love and Light.

We are expressing our inner spirit to remind others that we “see” their inner Light, and we wish to keep that connection to them. We acknowledge that we are each Light and honor that same Light within them. Yes, signing off with “Love and Light” is much like saying the Sanskrit “Namaste’ ”, but in today’s modern language.

The acknowledgment of Light to Light toward one another is a powerful energetic enrichment that expands not only our own hearts to Love and Light, but also to the person or group we are expressing that towards. Each time we say or write those three words we spread that higher frequency to the person’s spirit to keep them vibrating high. That frequency is like a musical note that surrounds them; a love note, that pours forth that pure quality of Source.

Love is the feeling quality of Light.

LIGHT is what Source is:” In the beginning there was LIGHT!” This first line of the Bible tells us the story of Creation; how it all began and what and who our Creator is. Every time we express ourselves with the same quality, Light, we connect to Source which brightens and awakens our own inner Light. We remember on a Soul Level with our spiritual mind that we are created of Light and from Perfect Source Light.

ALL Creation is Light.

The story continues that Our Creator commented after each subsequent creation of seas, land, fish, birds, etc, to be “Good”. This tells us that God’s heart is Good and only created Goodness. From the first chapter of the Bible we learn these two Divine qualities that make up our Creator and All that was created. Thus God is Light and Love!

Each time we repeat those divine qualities we connect with our God Head. This keeps our spirit One with Source. In this way, we claim our True Self/Divine and Holy Self that is also perfect Love and Light.

Furthermore, using the phrase Love and Light is transformative. We brighten those who we know are Lightweavers to add to their brilliance and vibration so they can share the Light to their day and others, thus transforming any lower thoughts or shadows that may be present within them. They then bring their higher radiance to those that surround them who may not be Lightweavers in order to brighten their spirits.

That alone is powerful! Now add to this scenario how each person we express Love and Light to has a ripple effect to transform darkness to larger and larger groups, eventually reaching our country, continents and globally. That’s power in words!!!

So keep on using those three resplendent words often to keep our community as Lightweavers shining brightly as we contribute more Love and Light to humanity, our planet and the Universe. Keep your hearts and minds open to understand the power of these words and know that we are creating a beautiful service to restore the purity, perfection and power of Light that we are born of.

With Love and Light,


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