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WE CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW written by Theresa Sarin

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

January 2020 Blog 1


Written by Theresa Sarin

“I can see great things for the new year”, said the cat Mooch to his dog pal, Earl.

“You can?” he asked. “Yesh”, answered Mooch,”I have clear 2020 vision.”

Side by side they both stare out overlooking a vast field as the sun is rising.

This scene taken from the sweet comic strip, Mutts, made me smile as I hope it does the same for you. Yes, we all have the inner sight and intuition to see what is ahead for us, but with the new year 2020, Spirit is really reminding us that we can see the future more clearly than ever with perfect vision.

2020: A new year and the beginning of a new decade. The energy is hopeful for new experience and growth for us individually and globally.

We as Lightworkers have learned a great deal on our spiritual path this past decade. Our Center opened in 2012 and we humbly claim that hundreds of students have become certified Reiki Practitioners, Angel Card Readers, Automatic Writers, Crystal Healers, Hypnotists, End of Life Doulas, as well as many who have learned meditative practices, sacred geometry and studied Course in Miracles, to name a few.

Many have awakened, developed their intuition and expanded their consciousness. In the past eight years, we joyfully observed such beautiful growth and awakening by those who attend classes and workshops at the Center. We are grateful to those students and to teachers alike.

This last decade, the 2010’s, were all about growth and Ascension. This process of raising our spiritual frequency to vibrate higher began in the first decade of the new millennium. It’s amazing to think that the year 2000 was twenty years ago!

For a moment, think back to New Year’s Eve 1999.

Remember the fear that computers would stop working and all data worldwide would be lost? That decade began in fear and doubt, and then September 11th, 2001 magnified that fear with the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

The world was gripped in the fear of terrorism, but Lightworkers knew that our Light work was greatly needed to restore faith, hope and peace in our country and around the globe. I believe this was the beginning of our sacred mission to raise the collective consciousness out of darkness back into Light once again. At this time many Lightworkers began their journey and found their spiritual paths that would lead society back to higher consciousness.

My personal journey led me to Reiki in 1992. As I became a Reiki Master Teacher in 1998, I opened my home to Reiki Classes and Sessions and by early 2001 I initiated monthly Reiki Circles. In 2003 Laura joined me as we alternated homes for these Circles and Sessions, and our Reiki Practice grew. By 2010, we ventured out of our homes and rented space in Acupuncture & Company. Soon after we found our own Center in 2012. We give thanks each day for such a blessing!

That was our early journey. Now tuning into the vibe of 2020, and this new decade we realize our growth over the last ten to twenty years. We also know that we will

continue to grow.

The biggest lesson we have learned through all of our spiritual studies, is that

the Light is within us.

Yes, we have become more Lightweavers than Light-workers. We have done much spiritual work on ourselves and for our world, but now it is time to open our hearts and beam out the Light so others can use this Light and take what they need to raise their energetic vibration.

Lightweaving is a gentler process that allows us to just radiate our innate Great Bright Light in all we do, all we know, all we think and all we say.

This Divine Light has ALWAYS been within us. Deep within our own Hearts, the Seat of our Soul, is the Light that we Are. It has been there all along.

No need to work to find it. The search is over. ( Sigh)

You found what you were seeking. Congratulations!


Just close your eyes.

Open your own beautiful heart.

Let your Light Shine Forth like a Brilliant Beacon of Light

Shine On

Shine Brightly

That’s what we need in 2020 and the new decade to come.


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I love your posts, you express beautifully. I love being a light weaver✌️. I have always enjoyed the learning at your center. One of my prayers are to always remain teachable. ✌️🙏💙


Wonderful message and wonderful blog!!! I love your expression Lightweaving!!!

Looking forward to more of your blog posts!!!

LoveLight To Ya,


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