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by Theresa Sarin

Since we are still in the first month of the New Year, we extend

offerings of peace and good will to others all month. Peaceful

coexistence, the essence of good will, can radiate from our hearts

and minds - adding light to our Earth and all humanity thus

radiating the vibrational state to all its Kingdoms: plant, animal,

and mineral.


As we stand in Reiki, or as our True Self, we are spreading good

will. We extend from our heart the good will that is inherent in the

deepest, most holy/sacred part of our heart. That good will energy

extends to those we touch as it radiates and awakens the

goodness and sacred light within them. Perhaps another aspect

of Ki, is Good Will! Thus Ki, life force energy, is ignited enabling

the holy and good light within us to blend with all those that

surround us.

Therefore, Reiki is an active way to spread the Good Will of the

season's greetings to one another. Distant Reiki sends energetic

good will to our friends and loved ones. This season, let's

send energetic Good Will to include humanity and our Earth.

Postage is free!

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