We are Thankful to Bring the Spirit of Light & Compassion to all that have come to our Center.
 Your Support Helps Us Keep the Spirit and Vision Bright.



We are called as lightworkers, peacemakers and healers to use our tools at this time to help bring harmony and peace to our
earth and all its kingdoms. Our compassion, light and love are greatly needed now to bring healing to all who are suffering and frightened.
Let us gather energetically to assist humanity and our earth.  
      Please continue to hold the Light..
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We hope all of you are well and healthy and taking time to care

for yourselves and your families.

Please keep doing what is important to stay that way!


Thank you for your continued support of our Center!

We look forward to opening soon and being here physically for you,

as each of you have been with with us over the years.


We are praying and holding the Light for us all at this time.

May we stay healthy and find peace in our hearts and minds.


With Much Love and Light,

Teri & Laura and All of Us at the Center

Free Meditations

 Our way of staying connected and offering peace to all hearts.

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"We see our healing & learning center, a positive gathering place of compassionate beings leading to advancement and expansion
of society for the highest good and benefit of all."
"We see happy, honest, and ever-advancing societies of compassionate beings, all looking out for themselves and one another
for the common good"
EmbraceLight, Ltd.
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​Our Mission is to create a space for peace and healing to enhance spiritual and personal growth. We are a Teaching - Learning Center - Sharing Together
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