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Five Principles Meditation

As Reiki practitioners, we are all familiar with the Reiki Principles of  Mikao Usui. They were written around the turn of the century and have a beautiful message. We are taught to live by these principles when we are attuned to Reiki, and they have been a guiding force in the lives of Reiki practitioners for many years.

To prepare you for your Reiki Attunement we invite you to read the following meditation .

Become comfortable
Start by adjusting your posture so your body is comfortable and ready to enter into a peaceful meditation.
Allow yourself to become present now…breath in a long deep breath, and let it out slowly for a few moments…inhale again…breathing in peace and love,,,,breathe out any tension and frustration….any uneasy energy inside you….take a few more deep, relaxing breaths….quietly enjoying the harmony even breathing brings.

And now, visualize roots extending down from your feet and the base of your spine, sinking down deep into the earth, sinking through all the layers of the earth, until you come to its center. Now, deeply rooted in the earth, feel its energy flowing up through your roots into your body, a flow of grounded energy, connecting you to the physical plane. . Don’t worry if you do not exactly see this vision, just feel this vision inside you.

And now, feeling the earth flowing smoothly through you, soft and sweet as honey, a golden glow filling you,
you find yourself on a path in the forest.

As you walk down the path, see the trees rising all around you: oak, birch, pine. The sun streams through the leaves, green and golden. Green and golden light flows through you, warming, healing. The trees dance and sway as
the wind lifts their branches and leaves.

Feel their dance become yours. You body and limbs grow lighter. Your feet grow light as they rise and fall on the softness of pine needles and leaves, and the cushioning of moss.

Slowly inhale and exhale. Smell the rich fragrance of the earth. Smell grass and leaves, warmed by the sun.  

Hear the many songs of birds singing, and the rustling of squirrels and chipmunks darting along the forest floor. Hear the wind singing through the leaves.

Now you approach a widening of the forest path. Oak trees stand on either side, their branches joining to form a canopy of leaves above you, a leafy ceiling.

At the end of the path the trees form a circle, a sacred grove. Step inside this grove, feeling very safe, very protected, and comforted by the ancient strength and wisdom of the trees.

As you stand in the center of the circle of trees you hear these words: Just for today, do not worry.

Take a moment and review the worries you may have brought here today. Are you willing to let go of them,
just for today? Just for today, release your worries. Surrender them to the ancient wisdom of the trees.
Release them and feel them flowing out of you, carried away on the soft breeze.

And now hear these words: Just for today, do not anger.

Look into your heart. Are you holding any anger there? Any resentments? Any feelings that you’ve been unjustly treated? Just for today, release these feelings. Feel them pouring out of your heart. Feel them dissolve in the warmth of the sun. Feel a new lightness, a feeling of relief. Feel love warming our heart.

Now, allow this feeling of warmth to fill your entire being and send this light and love out to any people or situations, which have stirred feelings of anger or resentment within you. See, imagine or feel this light surrounding and healing all it caresses.

And now the song of the birds whispers a new message to you. Honor all of life.

Look around you. See the trees, the grass, the rabbits and squirrels creeping through the tall grass. The wind blows softly through leaves, rustles the fur of the small animals, brushes softly against your own skin. The sun, streaming through the leaves, shines on tree, and bird and grass, warms the small creatures who bathe in its light, warms your own face and body. Feel the energies of the earth and wind and sun flow together, a stream of universal life force energy creating the forms of birds and trees and animals. Feel yourself one with all the beings in the grove.

Now, embracing oneness, feel these words singing through you: Live your life honestly.

As you stand in the grove, warmed by the sun, embraced by the gentle breeze, feeling yourself at one with all of life you begin to appreciate these words. And you see that living your life honestly means to be true to yourself. You begin to feel that, just as the energies of the earth and wind and sky flow through and create all beings, there is a purpose which flows through and creates you. Now feel the strength of that purpose warming you, encouraging you. Honor yourself and your purpose.  

As you stand in the grove, feeling your aliveness and your joy, you hear the final principle: Show gratitude to everything.

As you look around the grove, appreciating the many senses, the sounds, the delicate fragrances, take a moment now to look at your life. Think of the many gifts you may take for granted: your health, your friendships. Think of the gift of being alive. Take a moment now to experience gratitude and appreciation.

And, just for today, be grateful for your problems. See them in the soft light of the ancient forest; recognize that just as the wind bends the trees and causes the leaves to fall, so to do your problems shape you, direct you, and help you grow.

Be grateful for everything, just for today.

Now you leave the oak grove, enriched by these five guiding principles.  Take a moment to thank all of the creatures in the grove for guiding you, for creating beauty in your life.

And know that you can return to the forest whenever you need to, whenever you want strength and purpose in living these principles.

Now bring your hands into Gassho and quietly repeat these words:

Just for today, I will not worry.
Just for today, I will not anger.
I honor all of life.
I live my life honestly.
Just for today, I am grateful for everything.
Pause and close your eyes as you stay open to receive your Reiki attunement.

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