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with Willow’s Work: For ASL Interpreting,Healing and Empowerment

Christine Kenahan CI CT MAEd

Dates: Saturday, August 10th &17th 11am - 4pm Investment: $290 

“A rune is a letter in a set of related alphabets known as

runic alphabets native to
the Germanic peoples. “

As a form of language the Runes are heavily
influenced by Germanic culture, history, myths and spiritual beliefs.

This course will be a basic introduction to those concepts.

Learning the runes will enhance your intuition, raise your energetic vibration, and
develop a personal connection to the Norse gods and goddesses and to the Runes
themselves. The knowledge will expand your ability to interpret messages for
yourself and others and it will expand upon cultural sensitivity and understanding
to help mediate how messages can be delivered/expressed.

This course is a metaphysical course requiring hands-on participation. A guided
meditation will be provided for participants to use independently to deepen their
personal connection to each rune.

What to expect:
This course will run for two consecutive weeks. Each week will build
upon the other and it is highly suggested/recommended to make a full
commitment to the full two weeks. We will meet for one day each week
for 4.5 hours with a half hour break in between. The course will not
be recorded and materials will only be distributed to those

physically present. Sharing contact information with one another is
recommended for now and future practice.

What you will need:
A pen and pencil
Notebook/Paper for additional notes
Each participant will be required to return with all materials distributed in class
each week.


Week 1:
Basic introduction to the Runes. What they are, a brief history of where they are

The first Aette: This will be the first row of eight Runes. What they look like, how
to pronounce them, how they are written, and a basic meaning of what each one

An introduction to the second Aette: The second row of the Runes.
Handouts and instructions for practice homework will be provided in preparation
for week 2.
A full set of the first and second Aette will be made and distributed to each
participant to bring home and work with.

Week 2:
Review of the 1st and 2nd Aette: A group Discussion of each Rune, what was
learned during the week while personally meditating on each Rune. Everyone will

share their personal experiences with practice homework to expand
upon a deeper understanding of what each rune means. This process will
lend itself to each individual developing a personal attachment and understanding
of each Rune as it is taught.


An introduction to the third and final Aette: The last row of the Runes.
A full set of the third Aette will be made and distributed to each participant to
bring home and work with.
Wrap UP: This last class will consist of a review of all the Runes in completion
utilizing the full set that was created during the course. There will be a discussion
of what was learned through meditation and an opportunity for practice readings
with each other using all the runes.

At the end of the course each participant will leave with their own personal rune
set that they have made and worked with to learn. They can be used to continue
reading for yourself or others, and to further deepen your understanding of them
utilizing the tools learned in the course.


Please note due to limited space refunds are not given unless cancellation is received via email 2 weeks prior to class date 

* Refunds will be minus the PayPal fee

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