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Immerse yourself in a Shamanic  Journey Adventure that will take you on a hero's journey to unlock your inner potentials.

Let captivating melodies, rhythmic beats, and enchanting harmonies transport you to a realm
like no other.

This unique experience promises to awaken your senses and leave you feeling inspired and refreshed. Don't miss the chance to escape reality and join us for an elevated journey of sound and emotion.  

Secure your spot now!
When you attend this Meditative Journey you will receive a link to listen at home to the Journey again
and again which will give you new habits to relax and increase mental flow states: a Truly Transformative
Tool Kit.

April 20th at 1pm        
1pm - 2pm  Meditation Journey
2pm - 2:45pm Discussion .     $65

Limited spots available, so act fast!
Yoga mat, blankets and folding chairs are available
or bring something comfortable to sit on
Dress cozy
All payments must be made in advance

Courtni "Starheart" is a traditionally trained Native Medicine person who spent 20 years in Albuquerque, NM with a world renowned Pueblo Master, studying ancient traditions. 

An artist and performer, Courtni will guide you into the magical world of shamanism, with immersive techniques used by indigenous people around the world alongside her own original story and meditative soundscape.


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