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We open and close all our sessions with the energy of a Crystal Sound Pyramid,

a unique instrument and a powerful tool for sound therapy

and emotional healing. It has a clear, powerful tone that persists

with long harmonic resonance.



Reiki is both powerful and gentle and has aided healing many illnesses and

injuries including cancer, heart disease, broken bones, headaches, colds, insomnia,

fatigue, cuts and bruises.Clients are fully clothed as Reiki energy is given by the

laying-on of hands, either directly on or off the body.

A standard session includes positions around the head, shoulders, stomach and feet.

The entire session may last about 50 minutes and is deeply relaxing and includes

many beneficial affects for both client and practitioner.



There are two Reiki Master Practitioners working on a client at the same time,

covering the entire body with the Reiki hand positions.

Treatments done in this fashion often create profound balancing effects harmonizing

the yin and yang sides of the body at the same time. Having a pair of Reiki Practitioners

allows us to use a "mirroring" technique as we give Reiki across from each other.

For example; shoulders, arms, legs, knees,

feet, etc receive Reiki simultaneously which allows balance to occur more naturally.



Crystals are used to enhance and balance the body's energy system.

They amplify, transform and transmit energy, thus using crystals intensifies

Reiki energy and enhances the level of healing.


This most amazing session balances, harmonizes and restores

the energy flow throughout the body.

In this session the Clients lie fully clothed on a massage table as the aura is scanned and then chakras are cleared using our Reiki hands, a crystal pendulum, a tuning forks and additional crystals as needed. The session is about an hour. Clients will leave with their chakras balanced as well as the body, mind and spirit. In this harmonious state the intuition center is awakened and clients are advised to listen to the wisdom of their own soul, heart and higher mind.

It is then up to individuals to eat healthy, drink water and have right actions and

thoughts to maintain this state mind.




This Heavenly Healing Technique Provides Optimum Health and Well-Being

Along with the Beautiful Healing Energy of Reiki.

The Raindrop Technique provides a deeply healing, relaxing experience enabling one to find inner peace bringing the body into physical, emotional and spiritual harmony where healing can occur.

It is a spiritually based application technique approach designed to strengthen the spiritual connection

of the body-mind to the infinite source of all that is good and true and kind and loving. ​

Nine pure essential oils are used as *raindrops* from six inches above the surface of the back.

The Young Living Essential Oils are then gently feathered onto the spine with the Lakota "feathering motion" as they are used as blessed gifts to support our frequency, our desire to live in a peaceful stateof mind, where our thoughts are positive, as we seek solutions rather than being stopped by obstacles. ​We believe that essential oils support our lives and that a holistic lifestyle promotes wellness for us, and the planet. As we develop our intuition, we can assist everyone to trust themselves to use essential oils that bring about their reconnection to all that truly matters


The surgical experience need not be filled with fear and worry

Administering Reiki prior to surgery can be helpful to the person (or animal) by preparing his or her mind/body for the procedure. Reiki works with the natural healing process of the body. Since Reiki is a balancing and harmonizing energy,

it helps to release stress and tension and places the body in its

optimal state for healing.

Number of sessions depends on the amount of time prior to surgery date.

The ideal amount of time to prepare is 4-6weeks with a session each week

A meditation will available to you to listen to prior to surgery.




A Karuna Reiki ® session includes additional chanting and additional symbols to a standard Reiki session. Karuna Reiki® works more deeply on Karmic issues.

This is a deep Reiki session used for those in real pain and darkness.




We believe that one of the most effective ways to reduce EMF pollution for

your energy field is to have a EMF Clearing Session with Reiki.

An electromagnetic field (EMF) is an area of moving electrical charges.

Some EMFs, especially those involving ionizing radiation, can be harmful.

For most people, exposure to EMFs occurs on a daily basis, as the fields are virtually everywhere. These electromagnetic fields radiate from devices such as cell phones,

televisions, digital clocks, hair-dyers, electric towers and many other electronics.

Each session is tailored to the individual. Using Reiki, a pendulum and crystals we clear, cleanse and align all the particles in the aura and body so that they

are open and in alignment.


are a way to raise a woman's vibration, deepen her connection to the

Divine Feminine and bring healing and sacredness to her femininity.

Womb Blessings/Healings are offered by Moon Mothers, Theresa Sarin & Laura Maglio


These sessions are given by gentle and relaxing hands-on healing sequence

given by a trained Moon Mother who focuses the Divine Feminine energy in a series

of hand positions on the three main female energy centers (different than the chakra system) and on specific energy points on the female body that relate to the

energies of the four female archetypes.


Womb Blessings/Healings are for all women, even those who do not have a

physical womb or a cycle. These women still have the womb energy center and

this center contains their creative energies,

feminine spirit and ability to connect through intimacy and emotions.


In Japanese, Rei can be interpreted as Spirit and Ki as Life Force/Vital Energy.

Thus Rei-Ki is Spirit Energy. Reiki exists everywhere and in everything.

WE are Spiritual Energetic Beings. As Reiki Practitioners we honor the divinity

in each of us and recognize our connection to each other as brothers and sisters,

in the Oneness of the Creator Mother/Father/Divine.

During a Distant Reiki session, we create a bridge of Light that connects the Reiki energy from the Light within our hearts to the Light within the recipient's heart. Reiki travels this energetic Light-Bridge which fills and surrounds the client's etheric body, mind and spirit in a powerful and profound way. To receive a Distant Reiki Session, email us to make your synchronized appointment. This Session requires you to set aside an hour to be in your sacred space, preferably laying down, as we remain in our sacred space performing this complete Reiki session. Our "energetic" Reiki hands will be placed upon you similar to a typical in- person  session , except the hand positions are over your "energetic" eyes, ears, head, heart, arms, torso, legs, knees and feet. As usual, both Teri and Laura will be in the session together, as we all meet on the etheric plane in the energy of beautiful light, love, purity and grace.




Available In-Person or Distant

A Spiritual Blessing Connecting You to Your True Self

Re-attuning to the different levels of Reiki is extremely effective in clearing,

cleansing and detoxing. Each time one attunes to the energetic levels of Reiki, blocks

and stuck behaviors are released on much deeper levels resulting in a

boost of vibrational frequency.

Re-attuning is also exceptional for those who are on their journey of self improvement,

self discovery and spiritual development.


First Wednesday & Third Wednesday of the month

We begin our Reiki Circle by listening to a brief guided visualization/meditation to still the mind and body to release any stresses of the day. In this relaxed state, all present will receive a mini Reiki session in a chair (due to Covid) This peace - filled Circle will bring the embrace of balance and calmness as lights are dimmed and soft music plays in the back ground, Reiki's gentle touch is a spiritual massage that helps the mind, emotions and muscles to relax.

As the body and emotions relax the body can return to its own harmonious state of balance.

Due to Covid precautions attendance is limited to eight attendees. Registration Necessary



Crystal Light Healing Bed

A Crystal Light Healing Bed is a Spiritual Treatment Device that uses Alternating Colored Light Beams that Radiate through Seven Very Pure Quartz Crystals. These Crystals Light Healing Beds Use Brazilian Clear Vogel Cut Quartz Crystals. Each of the Seven Crystals is Focused at One of the Seven Corresponding Chakras (also known at an "energy center") to Generate Color and Light Therapy in Order to Cleanse, Clear Balance, and Raise the Vibration of Your Chakras.

Learn More About Crystals

Our Monthly Crystal Circle will Connect You to the Wisdom and Transformative

Energy of a Special Mighty Stone through a Beautiful Guided Meditation to Purity and

Strengthen Your Body, Mind and Spirit with Self-Love and Confidence.



We are committed to bringing Light and providing services in celebration of life and with the recognition that each of us is unique and that "one size does not fit all". Religious, blended belief, spiritual, non-religion specific and secular (non-religious) ceremonies offered.

Our service is built around your needs, beliefs and choices.



Replace old or stagnant energy with positive Light Energy!

Clearing the energies in your home or business brings abundant blessings, peace,

harmony and connection.





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