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Reiki Courses Include Certification Through Long Island Healing Arts & Learning Center

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Certification provides independent verification of a certain level of expertise in a particular area.

Basically, it means you have completed the steps required to receive a particular designation.

Certification is conferred when you prove that you have obtained the specified abilities and knowledge.


Our Reiki Training offers a blending of Eastern & Western Traditions of the System of Reiki.

Student are Offered Hand-On Practice and Guidance with Attendance at Open Healing Circles (Cost: $15 per circle)

"Reiki Create Harmony, Health and Well Being That Enables us to Become The Healthiest and Purest Part of Our True Self"


Due to LIMITED class size - Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds.

**Credit of your deposit may be used in another upcoming class if notified 1 week prior to class that your are not able to attend.


May 15th  | 10am - 5pm  | $185 Registration Now Closed

Deposit Required $50 to reserve your space

In this Reiki I Training you will learn:

What is Reiki

How Reiki Works

History of Reiki

Reiki Ideals

The Five Elements of the System of Reiki

Introduction to Energy Anatomy: Aura & Chakras 


Hand Positions

Practice Sessions - Chair Reiki

Power Point Presentation

Receive a Class Manual for Level I

Reiki I Certificate Upon Completion

And more

Our Reiki I Training is a full day course that will give you a solid foundation of the system of Reiki along with the skill and

confidence necessary to use Reiki effectively. 



10am - 5pm | $190 |June 12th 

Deposit required $50 to reserve your space

Okuden is a Japanese word meaning "Inner Teaching"

This class will deepen your understanding and connection to the teachings of Reiki while enhancing your Spiritual development.

In this class your capacity to channel the healing power of Reiki will deepen, strengthen and increase.

You will receive three Reiki symbols, and learn how to use them to enhance your practice.

The Usui Power, Usui Harmony and the Distant Healing symbols are amazingly beautiful and powerful healing tools

that will bring MORE joy to your life and journey.

Here is what you will learn in the Reiki II Class:

The Meanings, Uses and Practices of the Three Sacred Reiki Symbols;

Usui Power, Harmony and Distant Symbols & Mantras

The Five Levels of Byosen

Scanning of the Aura/Three Diamonds

Reiki Level II Attunement

Table Practice Session Using the Reiki Symbols

Chanting the Sacred Sounds & Mantras

Class Manual for Level II

Reiki II Certification Upon Completion



10am - 5pm | $250.00 | April 24th REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED FOR THIS DATE

Deposit required $50 to reserve your space

In ART, students are ready for advancement when they use Reiki often and have a very good understanding of the symbols and

their uses, and of the Reiki energy itself. ART is primarily for greater spiritual growth and awareness as it expands the mind

with greater Reiki consciousness. Here is what will be taught in this Advanced Reiki Training Level Class.
Usui Master Symbol

Uses and hands on practice of the Master Symbol
ART/Master Manual
Sending Reiki with the Eyes and Breath
Chakra Spread and Chakra Balancing Technique

Aura Balancing
Master Attunement
Practice Sessions and more... 









10am - 5pm | Now forming | Contact Center for More Information 

Deposit required $50 to reserve your space| $350

In this final Reiki level class the student becomes a Reiki Master/Teacher.

But this does not mean that Reiki is "mastered", for one can never master Reiki.
It is continually evolving and so must a person who has the title of Reiki Master or Reiki Teacher. A Reiki Teacher guides and

allows others to follow the path to healing and spiritual growth. In this level, Reiki Teachers are given tools to empower others

through attunements to the Reiki energy.

Her is some of what you will learn:
* Primordial Lineage of Reiki
* Five Elements Expanded
* Higher Knowing of Precepts
* Reiki Shinpiden Attunement
* KU: Technique to Connect to Oneness
* Becoming Dai: Moving Meditation
* How to Give Reiki Attunements
* Ethics of Being a Reiki Master



Classes now forming for all levels of Reiki
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