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Last Thursday of the month 

Time: 7:00 tp 8:30pm                                                                    by Theresa Sarin and Laura Maglio, RMTs, CHs

Place: Long Island Healing Arts                  

868 W Jericho Tpke. Huntington, NY 11743

RSVP email or call 631 223-2781 

​Give yourself permission to Imagine.
Meditation provides an opportunity to envision your True Self, your Divine Self, the true and highest Light within you.

When you meditate through visualization you connect with that part of you that you long to be. You reach the "You" that Knows, Understands, Believes and Trusts.
In meditation you awaken the You that longs for recognition.
Here you find stillness and peace. Here is where all your answers and your Truth lie.
From this center you find strength and reason and purpose...
             you Remember.....your divinity, your magnificence.

Join us each month to bring you a Guided Meditation to help you reach that stillness.
For when you reconnect to the divine in you, even for a moment, you let in Light- a deep healing Light that illuminates All.The Path is easier when you know the way!
Space is limited
RSVP if attending email or call 631/223-2781  $20.00


Directions: The landmark going West is right pass Oakwood & Cold Springs Hill Road (traveling's about 1 mile from Rt 110) 
There is also a Veterinarians Hosp and doctors off (My Pet's Vet) that you will pass.  Building on the left
Heading East on Jericho...look for the BP station and a strip mall with Subway. 
That center has a big 444 location...our place is two doors down...Large Sign in front
It's a white house w brown small deck...
It's also only about half mile east from Round Swamp Road 
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