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Carolyn Goldfarb is a Licensed Master Soul Therapist, having received her training from Soul Therapy School® International. In her private practice, Carolyn assists individuals with Soul Therapy Sessions, Past Life Regression Therapy and Generational Healing™. She has been certified by The International Association of Professional Past Life Regression Therapy & Training Institute.  As a Generational Healer™, Carolyn heals the source of your ancestor's trauma in your bloodline, to free you from inherent generational trauma and emotional pain that has been carried forward into your life.  

Carolyn works with women from all over the world to support their desire to realign their soul and life purpose, connect to their divine essence and live their true magnificence.
Private Sessions with Carolyn at Long Island Healing Arts & Learning Center:

Generational Healing™ 

As a Generational Healer™, Carolyn heals the source of your ancestor's trauma in your bloodline, to free you from inherent generational trauma and emotional pain that has been carried forward into your life.  During your session, Carolyn will share this awareness with you by connecting to your ancestor who is seeking healing at this time to release the densities of the trauma that is currently stored in the genetic makeup of your lineage. This is freeing and brings great insight and healing to your current day experiences.


Past Life Regression Therapy:

Past Life Regression Therapy enables you to discover hidden aspects of your life that no longer are supportive of your overall Soul growth. If you are experiencing a block on any level in your life or feeling stuck, you may find the incredible benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy beneficial in extracting the core issue that is keeping you in limbo.  Each Session is recorded and is 2 hours.


Most people experience as subtle shift in their everyday awareness, emotional release, mental clarity, a lightness within their whole body, clarity of purpose, more vitality, creative insights and more energy in their physical body.


Soul Therapist Programs:

Carolyn Goldfarb, as a Licensed Soul Therapist, creates a safe, healthy and healing space for you to uncover aspects that hinder your ability to be happy, fulfilled and on track to living your life on purpose. 


During your weekly sessions, Carolyn supports you in understanding the conditions surrounding your choices, outcomes and helps you redirect your energy in a healthy way, creating positive outcomes. 


Living authentically allows you to experience more freedom, honesty and self-love, creating healthy boundaries provides you renewed energy and focus. With Carolyn as your Licensed Soul Therapist, you will find years of discomfort melt away as worries and fears being replaced with hope and a renewed sense of happiness.


Guaranteed results when you show up ready to transform anything that stands in your way from being fully self-expressed and being loved authentically.

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