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Thu, Apr 02
Long Island Healing Arts & Learning Cent
EFT is the emotional version of acupuncture-but no needles! We stimulate certain meridian points on the body by tapping on them with our fingertips. It is useful for almost all emotional, physical or performance issues.
Wed, Mar 25
Long Island Healing Arts & Learning Cent
Ascension of Sound 432 Frequency
This presentation will include Divine Frequencies of Nature and Cymatics of Sound.
Sat, Mar 14
Long Island Healing Arts & Learning Cent
Learn how to construct this beautiful and romantic Mala of Love Eternal.
Tue, Mar 10
Long Island Healing Arts & Learning Cent
Muscle Testing is a powerful “truth telling” technique that unveils the unconscious mind in order to assist solving problems or healing emotional wounds. But without proper instruction Muscle Testing gives contradictory answers.

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