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About Three Arms Energy Balancing Coaching, LLC

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Harriettte McDonough Three Arm Energy Ba
Harriette McDonough
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In her energy balancing, spiritual mentor and wellness coaching practice, Harriette McDonough uses a variety of cutting-edge techniques known as Energy Balancing Techniques and other Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) methods based on her observations that each soul is encoded with life lessons, gifts, talents, and self-healing designed specifically for that individual. This combination of EBT and CAM methods is designed to create holistic-based wellness coaching strategies intended to facilitate and reactivate the client’s natural ability to restore balance, calm and well-being into their emotional, physical and spiritual systems while clearing obstacles such as addictive behavior, limiting beliefs, ancestral wounds, overwhelming life experiences, fear and self-sabotaging behavior.


Harriette is passionate to teach clients how they can appreciate the wisdom and opportunities of their challenging life lessons so that their free-will strengthens and they can align with their soul’s purpose to express their own heart’s intelligence. She is also committed to teaching her clients strategies how they can maintain their energy balance in their daily lives.

From her 30 year experience practicing Transcendental Meditation and Reiki (hands-on energy healing) Harriette believes that our natural state of being is one of peace, trust and inner guidance. Life experiences and life stressors challenge this natural state. Most of us are trained away from our inner guidance at an early age by well-meaning adults in our lives. Harriette has seen how some conditions – which do not contain medical issues – hold elements that represent a fundamental derailment from one’s own inner voice and soul guidance.

Harriette S. McDonough, L.C.S.W., DCEP, ACP-EFT* is a NYS Licensed Clinical Social Worker and earned her Master of Social Work from Adelphi University and a B.A. in Education from Denver University. She also has earned Diplomate of Comprehensive Energy Psychology (DCEP) and ACP- EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) post graduate certifications from the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology as well as being an advanced practitioner in many energy balancing approaches. In her energy balancing and wellness coaching practice located in Garden City, NY, Harriette works with children, adolescent, young adults and their mothers.

Over the years, Harriette has taught and lectured how to incorporate Energy Balancing Techniques in a variety of venues, empowering individuals, and facilitators on how to deal with stress and other various disorders. Harriette has presented “Energy Balancing – Techniques for Reducing Stress: Emotional Freedom Technique” to the staff of the Nassau County Coalition against Domestic Violence/The Coalition against Child Abuse and Neglect and the Mental Health Association of Nassau County. She also presented the workshop, “Introduction to Energy Balancing” for Psychotherapists in Garden City, NY. At the Fieldston Private School, Bronx, NY, during and Alternative Learning Period, Harriette presented “Energy Balancing and Emotional Freedom Technique.” Most recently, Harriette spoke at Grand Rounds for the Psychiatry Department at the Flushing Hospital, in Queens, New York to introduce the principles of energy balancing to staff there.

In addition to the DCEP certification, Harriette is certified by Tina and Gary Craig in Emotional Freedom Techniques, certified Soul Detective® Practitioner and first Teacher Trainer of Soul Detective®, a Master in Usui Reiki, an Advanced Practitioner in Karuna Reiki, a Master/Instructor and practitioner in Integrated Energy Therapy®, Certified Practitioner in Emotion Code and The Havening Technique, a Practitioner in Acutonics® Level 1, Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy, Vibroacoustics Mat® facilitator, Biogenesis® Energy Healing Tools Practitioner, Trinfinity 8 Facilitator and Angelic Shaman trained by Kerry Henwood.

*Please note
“Psychology” as used here refers generically to study of the human mind, and specifically of the energetic effects on the human mind and the energy field within and around body, mind and spirit. It does not refer to the practice of the profession of psychology, or the practice of psychotherapy or any other licensed mental health profession.
While Harriette McDonough is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the State of New York, the trainings, classes, products and her services as an Energy Balancing Practitioner and Wellness Coach offered through Three Arms Energy Balancing Coaching, LLC are separate from and not part of her LCSW psychotherapy practice. Therefore, it’s not to be construed that the services of Harriette McDonough and/or the trainings, classes or products offered on this website are the practice of psychology, psychotherapy, medicine or any other licensed health care practice. Also, although Harriette McDonough is a member of the Association for Comprehensive Psychology (ACEP) and has earned a credential from ACEP as a Diplomate Comprehensive Energy Psychology, she is not a licensed psychologist and does not offer psychological services. Further, while Harriette McDonough has lectured about Energy Psychology, these lectures are educational in nature and provided only as general information and are not psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please refer to the Disclaimer for further information

Due COVID-19 social distancing issues, at this time Harriette is not  scheduling in person classes/workshops until at least February 2021. IET Basic, Intermediate and Advanced workshops/attunements must be done in person. Several IET Zoom seminars are offered,see below.


Every Wednesday FREE Guided Meditation by Telephone 760-548-9989 12:15PM-12:30PM (EST)

Sun. November 15, 2020 Healing Angels of the Energy Field Workshop (ZOOM) 9AM-4PM Details >

Tues. November 17, 2020 ABC’s of EFT (ZOOM) 7PM-9PM Details>

Tues. January 19, 2021 Advanced Pendulum Workshop (ZOOM) 7PM-9PM Details >

Sun. February 7, 2021 IET for PETS (ZOOM) 9AM-4PM Details >

Sun. February 28 2021 Basic Level: Integrated Energy Therapy Training (Huntington, NY) Details>

March TBD 2021 Intermediate Level: Integrated Energy Therapy Training (Huntington, NY) Details >

April TBD 2021 Advanced Level: Integrated Energy Therapy Training (Huntington, NY) Details >

February TBD 2021 Mastering the Art of Muscle Testing (Huntington, NY) Details >


Professionals & Advanced Practitioners Only

February 2021 IET Practice for Graduates & Students of Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)     Details >

February 2021 FREE DEMO about Soul Detective Level One: Healing Past Life Trauma (ZOOM) Details >

March 2021 Soul Detective Level I Training (Garden City, NY) Details >

TBD 2020 Soul Detective Level II Training (Garden City, NY) Details>

TBD 2020 Soul Detective Level III Training (Garden City, NY) Details>

*Please note
The educational classes offered by Three Arms Energy Balancing Coaching, LLC and facilitated by Harriette McDonough

are educational in nature and provided only as general information and are not medical or psychological advice or treatment. Although Harriette McDonough is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the State of New York, she does not provide

any psychological or health care advice or treatments in her educational classes and they are not part of her

psychotherapy practice.

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