Take Your Energy to the Next Level

Level 1–Seraphim Healing with Zee Saleem

In-person Class

In this healing system, there are six levels with eleven energies.

This is Level 1—Seraphim Healing.

This level heals on a physical and emotional level, laying the foundation f

or spiritual growth. The first two energies are given at this level.

Being initiated into these energies allows for a sense of greater internal union

and a stronger immune system.

During this event, you will receive energy initiations from the high angel

who facilitates this system. The energies are safe and intelligent and are pre-programmed

to ideally adapt to our unique life situation and physical condition. They work on all levels of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. After going through this process, you will have the following tools to use on yourself and with others:

  • Using the level one energies for self-healing and to heal others

  • Long distance healing

  • Ability to create energy grids in your home or other places

  • Enhancement of your immune system and kidney function

  • Raise the vibration of your food and water

  • Empower crystals

  • Be a practitioner of this system


Seraphim Healing is a buildable system with Level 1 as prerequisite.

Sunday, October 23rd 
Investment: $250 pp

Retake fee: $65


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