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Sunday, June 28th 11am to 2pm Investment: $85  

Learn how to construct this stunning Mala of Healing Light and ring in the New Year with positive mindful intentions. You will create a powerful 108-bead Mala from AAA Indian Fancy Jasper and Quartzite gemstones and also learn to chant two beautiful mantras that will help set your objectives while charging your stones.


You will be guided and given  step-by-step instructions on how to create your mala along with the following materials: one hundred and two (102) 8mm Fancy Jasper gemstones from India; six (6) 10mm Quartzite gemstones from  China; hand cut faceted wooden tube beads from Africa; one hand carved wooden Buddha bead from Nepal; gold tone filigree bead caps; Swarovski crystal gemstones; gold tone wire protectors; ½ inch gold tone chain; Beadalon nylon coated steel beading wire; Japanese seed beads; assorted jewelry findings; a 3” tassel and your choice of one charm to hang from your hand carved wooden Buddha bead.


Also included is a packet that will contain information about mankind’s “gemstone” connection, the metaphysical properties of the gemstones used, along with the history of the Mala and how to use them in your mindful practice. This creative workshop will begin and end learning two powerful Mantra chants that will help charge your Mala of Healing Light and empower your spirit to begin manifesting your journey into 2019!  


The Creative Mala Workshop will be taught by Stephanie Watt, owner of Coyote Moon Mystical Jewelry Designs. She is the jewelry designer/creator for renowned jazz artist, T.K. Blue and her design creations have been exhibited and sold at Stars Above, The Tilles Fringe Festival, Connetquot Library, Vicari Hot Yoga and at the Rubin Museum in New York City.  Ms. Watt is a noted concert pianist/recording artist, university professor, award winning miniature artist and Reiki III practitioner.





  • Gemstones and a variety of mala making jewelry supplies.

  • Step by Step instructions on how to create the .

  • A packet that contains information about the “gemstone” connection with mankind, the history of the Mala and how to use them in your practice, and the metaphysical properties of the gemstones used.

  • Two Mantras will be taught to help set an intention and to help charge the gemstones. One mantra will be taught at the beginning of the workshop and the second mantra will be taught at the end of the workshop.


  • Beadathon Nylon coated steel beading wire

  • One hundred and two (102) 8mm AAA Fancy Jasper Beads from India

  • Six (6) 10mm AAA Dyed Crème Color Quartzite Gemstones from China

  • Four (4) 22 x 13mm hand cut faceted wooden tube from Africa

  • One (1) 2 ½ inch tassel

  • One (1) Hand carved wooden Buddha Head center bead from Nepal

  • Eight (8) 10mm gold tone filigree bead caps

  • Three (3) 6mm gold tone flower bead caps

  • Eight (8) 4mm bicone Swarovski crystal beads

  • One (1) 10mm rondelle Swarovski crystal bead

  • Three (3) 4mm rondelle Swarovski crystal bead

  • Two (2) gold tone wire protectors

  • One (1) charm

  • One (1) ½ inch chain

  • One (1) jump ring

  • Two (2) bead caps

  • Two (2) crimp beads

  • One hundred and twenty (120) bronze glass Japanese seed beads

  • Eight (8) gold tone daisy spacers

  • Four (4) 6mm gold tone fluted bead caps

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