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Taught by Christine Kenahan CL CT MAEd, - Willow's Work: For Healing and Empowerment

Saturday, July 13th & July 20th 1pm - 5:30pm

Regular Investment:  $339            Special Introductory Cost: $260

After learning all 24 Runes in Level I it is now time to learn about The World Tree and the
9 Worlds that exist around it.

*The Prerequisite for this course is Level I: An Introduction to the Runes, offered by
Christine Kenahan.

This course will utilize the lessons learned in Level I: Introduction the Runes, expanding
upon it by teaching how they correlate to the 9 Worlds and the Gods and Goddesses of the
Norse Myths.

“A rune is a letter in a set of related alphabets known as runic alphabets native to the
Germanic peoples. “ As a form of language the Runes are heavily influenced
by Germanic culture, history, myths and spiritual beliefs. This course will be a basic
introduction to those concepts.

Learning the runes will enhance your intuition, raise your energetic vibration, and develop a
personal connection to the Norse gods and goddesses and to the Runes themselves. The
knowledge will expand your ability to interpret messages for yourself and others and it will
expand upon cultural sensitivity and understanding to help mediate how messages can be

What to expect:
This course will run for 2 consecutive weeks for 2 hours each time.The course
will not be recorded. Sharing contact information with one another is

What you will need:
A pen and/or pencil, a box of colored pencils
Notebook/Paper for additional notes and Flashcards if desired
Each participant will be required to return with all materials distributed in class.

Week 1:
During the 1st week you will learn about the World Tree, which is central to Norse
Mythology, a basic explanation of the creation myth, and the first 4 worlds that exist in
the Upper Portion of the World Tree. They are known as the Upper Worlds. In addition
you will be taught the Gods and Goddesses and Runes that are associated with each world.


Week 2:
During the 2nd class you will be taught the 5 remaining worlds, (1 from the Upper Worlds,
Midgard, and 3 from the Lower Worlds). They will be taught in the same format as week 1.


Upon completion of this course you will have learned The World Tree, the 9 worlds, the
Creation Myth, and which Gods/Goddess and Runes are associated with each world.

This knowledge will deepen your understanding and ability to interpret the Runes and may
inspire you to learn more.


Please note due to limited space refunds are not given unless cancellation is received via email 2 weeks  prior to date course begins Refunds will be minus the PayPal fee

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