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Long Island Healing Arts & Learning Center is sponsoring a fundraiser for local artist Peter Nolan who
for the past seven yearshas been challenged with Parkinson’s Disease.

Any purchases of Peter’s artwork will lift his heart as well as contribute to his medical and
nutritional needs to help provide a better quality of life.Thank you.




SATURDAY, MAY 1st  11am - 3pm

Long Island Healing Arts & Learning Center

868 West Jericho Tpke., Huntington, NY 11758

Peter Nolan has been an artist for over fifty years. From 1968 to 1982 he studied art at State
University of New York in Farmingdale, Old Dominion University in Virginia and Norfolk State
University in Virginia. Throughout Peter’s education and art practice he was inspired by the use
of art as a therapy and in the early 80’s his work began to transition into a more ethereal nature.
Then, in 1985 Peter was introduced to the therapeutic indications of painting by Dr. Rudolf
Steiner which shared a similar ethereal nature. He then studied with internationally known veil
painter Lois Schroff and lazure painter Robert Logsdon who were both advocates of the Rudolf
Steiner philosophy of painting. Thereafter veil painting and lazure painting became Peter’s true
passion for expressing the wonder and beauty of the invisible world into the visible world as
color living in an environment.

Peter’s body of work consists of veil paintings and commissioned lazure painting in places of
worship, practitioners and doctors offices as well as residential and commercial interiors.

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